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Health & Beauty

10 Top Tips: Positive Ageing

Age is just a number. Ten simple steps and you can feel great about your age, whatever it is
Nude shades that looked great when we were in our teens and 20’s will now make us look tired and washed out

Age is just a number…especially if you know what you are doing! But rather than hold back the years, instead, there are ways to enjoy your number. Follow these ten simple steps and you can feel great about your age, whatever it is.

1 Update your makeup look & techniques

Most of us learnt to put on our make-up when we were in our teens, with the prime purpose of looking more grown up, sophisticated OLDER. But as we get to 40 and beyond do we really want to look 5 or 10 years older because of our makeup? I think not!

2 Less is not always more

The old adage less is more when we get older is a load of rubbish!! Less is less. Well to a certain extent anyway. Less heavy weight products but not less colour or pigment. Less colour will make you look pale, faded, washed out, tired I could go on & on.

3 Prime

Primer are my must have. Why do we need a primer? Well in the old days foundation and concealer was very heavy and once put on stayed in place nowadays products are more light weight, look more natural on our skin but don’t last as long. We women want it all, we want to look great, smoother, more radiant etc. primers help us achieve that.

All primers are different. The Anti shine should be applied just on the t-zone, pore minimizing primers go on the areas where you have enlarged pores and line smoothing primers can go all over the face and under the eyes.

4 Correct

Correcting can be anything from high colour, pigmentation, age spots uneven skin tone you name it. What you want to do is even out your complexion with either a foundation, tinted primer, tinted moisturizer and/or a concealer. These should be lightweight but pigment rich.

They do not need to be applied all over the face like a mask. The correct product in the correct colour need only be applied to the areas that need it.

5 Brows

Great shaped brows can make you look like you have had an instant eye or even a face-lift. As we get older our brows become grey and sparse even if we haven’t over plucked. I am a great believer if your brows are well defined you give your face a more youthful appearance. My suggestion is not to go too dark even if your hair is dark. You don’t want to look like you are wearing two dead slugs.

6 Eye Shadow

Don’t think that if you are over a certain age that you can’t wear soft shimmery shadows it really depends on the condition of your eyes. Too much matte shadow can make the eye area look dry and dehydrated. Avoid putting a shimmery shadow under the arch of your brows this makes the brow bone too pronounced causing the actual eyes to appear more sunken.

7 Mascara

Choose a mascara that adds volume to your lashes, fattens them up rather than one that only lengthens them.  You want your lashes to look full and lush not long and spidery. Opt for a black, blue/black or dark navy shade rather than brown as brown can make you look tired.

8 Liner

Whether you use a pencil, liquid, gel, felt tip or powder, liner gives your eyes back their definition. Liner does not have to be black or harsh it can be soft and subtle. I love charcoal grey, deep navy blue, deep plum and bitter chocolate brown liners. If you apply your liner thinly along the base of your top lashes and smudge not only will you define the shape of your eyes you will make your lashes look fuller too. If you use a navy blue shade you will also make your whites appear whiter.

9 Cheeks

Cheeks need a gentle flush of colour. Nude shades that looked great when we were in our teens and 20’s will now make us look tired and washed out. And for those, like myself , who have naturally high colouring the nude shades make our faces look muddy. If you have high colouring neutralize it first with the right foundation or concealer then use a bronzing powder under your cheek bones.

10 Lips

Definition is key to beautiful lips. As we get older we lose definition in our lips, they appear small. My solution is lip colour lip liner. Choose a lip pencil that is the same colour as your natural lip shade. Then line along the outer edge of your lips not inside the lips. Most women line inside their lip line and make their lips look even smaller. I always line along the outer edge this helps make the lips look bigger naturally.  Now fill in with your favourite shade.

- Ariane Poole