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Mojito Pimento

15 minute recipes from Eden

Ahead of Eden Shopping Centre Food Fair on 2nd July, here are a few 15 minutes recipes for you to try
We had the pleasure of chatting with The Urban Raja

"Thoughts turn to lazy sunny days in the garden with family and friends. One of the producers taking part in Eden’s local food festival is Pimento ginger ale, a fizzy drink made with ginger, tonic, hot chilli pepper and natural flavours."

Keralan Prawn Curry Recipe from The Urban Raja

In the first of our ‘Ready in 15’ features, we had the pleasure of chatting with The Urban Raja, where he shared the recipe for his delicious and deceptively simple prawn curry. Ivor Peters AKA The Urban Raja, told us where the inspiration for this terrific dish came from:

“After a full on week in Chennai, India dodging auto rickshaws, taxis, cows, bikes, trucks and the never ending tooting of horns my senses were reaching for a little respite and culinary adventure. Heading 3 hours south on India’s East Coast Highway to the former French colony of Pondicherry I found a kindred spirit in Chef Kathir at the oasis of the Palais de Mahe, a colonial inspired hotel belonging to the CGH Earth hotel collection. Together with his brigade we cooked, experimented and tasted dish after dish of glorious South Indian gastronomy as well as reveling in progressive Indian food. Moved by our coastal location and the Keralan heritage of his comrades we gave into their spiced zeal and yielded to Prawn Moilee, a Keralan prawn curry recipe enriched with coconut, chilli and life giving ginger.

Gluttony disabled my self control and my appetite showed no shame, not a drop of the shrimp curry remained…even the curry leaves were chewed of their essence. A little extreme? Don’t judge, try it for yourself and you’ll find you might just watch your etiquette walking out the door as you tuck in.”

Ingredients (serves 4)

2 tbs coconut oil | ½ tsp black mustard seeds | ½ tsp fenugreek seeds | ½ red onion sliced into rings | 1 tsp chopped garlic | 1 tsp chopped ginger | ½ fresh green chilli, chopped | 1 dried red chilli, crumbled | 1 stem curry leaves | ½ tsp turmeric powder | 100ml coconut milk | 250g uncooked tiger prawns | Juice of half a lime | 2 slices of tomato | Salt


Using a medium sized pan, heat the coconut oil over a medium temperature and fry the mustard and fenugreek seeds until the pop, then add the onion, garlic, ginger, chillies and curry leaves, cook for 3-4 minutes until the ingredients have softened. Now tip in the turmeric powder and mix well for a minute until the ingredients are coloured by the turmeric. Pour in the coconut milk and season with a dash of salt, simmer for 2-3 minutes until the ingredients have formed a thin soup. Add the prawns and for 4 minutes until the flesh has turned pink and cooked through. Finish with the juice of half a lime and dress with a couple of tomato slices. Serve with flatbread or fluffy basmati rice.


Mojito Pimento from Tim Coles at Pimento

With summer officially here, thoughts turn to lazy sunny days in the garden with family and friends. One of the producers taking part in Eden’s local food festival is Pimento ginger ale, a fizzy drink made with ginger, tonic, hot chilli pepper and natural flavours. Pimento has kindly shared their take on a classic mojito (virgin and classic) for our ‘Ready in 15’ feature:

For the non-alcohol drinkers at your party, why not knock up some virgin mojitos using Pimento to add a kick!

Virgin Pimento Mojito

Ingredients (serves 1)

6 mint leaves | 2 lime segments, squeezed | 15cl Apple Juice | Pimento, to taste |Crushed ice


Place the mint leaves and squeezed lime segments into a glass, and fill with crushed ice to the top of the glass. Add the apple juice and top up with Pimento to taste. Stir, and serve!


Hot Mojito Pimento

Ingredients (serves 1)

7 mint leaves | 1 line of cane syrup| 2 small spoons of brown cane sugar | 2 lime segments squeezed | 6cl rum from Cuba | a drop of Angustura | Pimento, to taste | Crushed ice


In a highball glass, crush mint leaves, cane syrup, brown cane sugar and lime segments. Fill with crushed ice. Add rum and Angustura, Top with Pimento and mix.


Spring green spiralised courgette salad from Cook with M&S

Brocklesby’s are taking part in Eden’s food festival, selling their delicious pies. Brocklesby’s prides itself on using local producers to create pies with provenance. We’ve chosen a fresh courgette salad from M&S that is perfect paired with a warm Brocklesby pie and will take just 15-20 minutes to prepare.

Ingredients (serves 4)

For the Pesto:

120g fresh spinach leaves | 50g pine nut | 1 garlic clove | 125ml extra virgin olive oil | 50g fresh Parmesan | 1 lemon | 1 pinch salt and pepper | 250g courgette spaghetti | 150g frozen petits pois | 25g mint leaves | 1 large handful rocket


Mince the garlic cloves. Grate the fresh Parmesan. Chop the mint leaves.


1. To make the pesto, place spinach, garlic and pine nuts in a food processor.
2. Blitz to a course puree.
3. Transfer to a bowl, and add the olive oil and parmesan. Mix well.
4. Squeeze in lemon juice, to taste.
5. Season with salt and pepper - it will keep in the fridge for 2-3 days.
6. Bring a large pan of salted water to the boil.
7. Add the peas, and cook for 2-3 mins.
8. Drain, and refresh under cold water.
9. Set aside to cool completely.
10. In a large bowl, combine the courgette, peas, mint and 5 tablespoons of pesto.
11. Stir through the rocket last.
12. Squeeze some lemon over the salad, and serve.




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