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Bespoke Design and Build at NSBRC

The UK’s only permanent exhibition centre for self build, renovation and home improvements!

Three full size exhibition houses on permanent display

For anyone considering a self build, visiting The National Self Build & Renovation Centre (NSBRC) in Swindon has long been a must-do part of the planning process. But as the self build industry changes, the Centre is evolving to cater for a new type of visitor; those who want to create their own dream home but do not want to experience the stress and commitment of being a self builder.

Bespoke design and build company Sylva Group are launching their new masthead exhibition stand at The Big Home Improvement Show, also supported by Buildstore who deal in land, finance and insurance.


Together, Sylva and Buildstore offer visitors a one-stop solution to find, build and finance their dream home.

What is the NSBRC?

The NSBRC is the UK’s only permanent exhibition centre for self build, renovation and home improvements. It has three full size exhibition houses on permanent display, as well as educational areas featuring an array of displays covering everything from ground works and foundations, to building systems and roof types, plus a full-scale renovation house that takes visitors through the journey of a major renovation project.

With over 250 permanent exhibitors on display, visitors can explore a variety of manufacturers and suppliers to inspire, educate and aid them through each step of their project. Open daily, barcode scanpoints throughout the venue allow visitors to register their interest with those products and services which are of most interest, and suppliers can then contact visitors directly with further information.

Exhibition Events

The NSBRC also organise a number of exciting exhibitions and demonstration events throughout the year, with The Big Home Improvement Show coming up 13-14 June. With special guests Linda Barker and The Property Clinic with Kate Faulkner, it follows the success of last year’s show to focus specifically on major home improvement projects such as extensions, loft or basement conversions as well as insulation and heating upgrades to interior design and decorating.

The aim is to inform, inspire and motivate those home-owners, self-builders and renovators wishing to enhance their property, improve its energy efficiency and identify the best project to increase market value.

Design and Build Solutions

In addition to providing self build visitors with access to all they’d need to build a home, the Centre has identified a new type of visitor; those people who want to have a bespoke home built but do not want to experience the stress of building it for themselves.

To cater for this new stream of visitor and accommodate the evolving industry sector, The Big Home Improvement show also will mark the official launch of a new ‘Design and Build’ section at the Centre, supported by Buildstore who deal in land, finance and insurances, and Sylva Group who are currently building a brand new masthead exhibition stand, offering bespoke design and build solutions. Their timber frame Concept to Keys® service provides a fixed price to take a new build from concept drawings to whatever stage a client requires; structure, shell or turnkey.

Bespoke design and build allows homeowners to design and be in control of their home, but then leave the stress of the build to experienced professionals.

Specialising in offsite construction, Sylva’s energy efficient timber frame homes are fabricated in factory conditions, to be assembled on site in a fraction of the time of conventional build methods.

The launch party on Saturday 13 June at 4pm-5pm will be by invitation to enjoy a drinks reception and introductions from NSBRC, Buildstore and Sylva. Register at venue reception by 3pm to guarantee your entry.


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