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Health & Beauty

Bicester Hotel, Golf and Spa

Having been a member of a few gyms Mandy Woodford thought the gym at Bicester would be much the same...
There’s also brains behind the beauty

Once you have seen one gym, you have seen them all, right?

However, the personal trainer I was greeted by at the Bicester gym actively listened to what I wanted, what level of fitness I was and what level of fitness I wanted! And then, to my surprise, I was pushed to just the right level. Not like other, less enjoyable gym experiences which involved a lot of sore muscles the next day!

The gym itself looks amazing. And it’s not just a pretty face either! The smart gym equipment means there’s also brains behind the beauty. The ‘Fitlinxx’ is an intelligent programme that remembers you from machine to machine. It monitors and supports your progress and tracks your cardio and strengths. It gives you a personalised fitness programme and you get a review of how you are doing whenever you would like. And when you are on the latest XDREAM bike, this high-tech gym can also choose the countryside that you cycle through! I chose the green and pleasant fields of New Zealand. Time certainly passes faster when you have something nice to look at.

With resistance equipment, free weights area, stretch area, spinning cycling and a power plate, this is a gym where you will definitely contract the fitness bug! But unlike other gyms I’ve visited, the high-tech fitness evaluation equipment means you will be back time and time again to improve.

At the Bicester Hotel and Golf Spa there is a great friendly mini society, you can alternate the gym and the fitness studio with aerobics, step and many other classes in the spacious high quality studio. Then maybe finish your session with a few lengths in the pool, a massage in the jet pool, a relax in the steam room and then a dip in the spa pool.

Bicester Hotel and Golf Spa Health Club is perfection – great machinery and friendly people. A perfect way to get that body we all dream of!

- Mandy Woodford