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Photography courtesy of Thibaut

Bringing the Outside In

Once again, the wonderful concept of ‘bringing the outside in’ is firmly back in vogue, and a key home trend for 2017
Cole & Son Wallpapers

"Integrating the colours and textures of nature is essential for bringing the outside in; bright and exotic colours, shades of green, natural wood, rattan, floral and leaf patterns will enhance the scheme."

Amanda Hanley


You don’t need a garden to infuse greenery into your home (although it helps), but incorporating nature into your living spaces will recreate and celebrate that summer feeling

Add greenery

One really simple and effective way to bring the outdoors in is, of course, to use plants and flowers: a flow of greenery from outside into the home will helps to give the impression of an integrated space. Do make sure your windows are sparkling clean, think about ‘framing’ the best views of your garden and maximise on the natural light that enters your house.

In midsummer, when everything is in bloom and lush, there is nothing more lovely than bringing in a handpicked bunch of flowers. Even some green leaves in a vase will work and can look really spectacular. Alternatively, good quality silk flowers are incredibly life-like and are a great way to cheer up even the darkest of corners in your home – and they will last a lot longer than the season’s offerings.

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If space is small, think about using hanging baskets. They will add height, give a quirky touch to your decor and free up surfaces. Small plants like cacti and succulents are hugely popular and look fabulous in hanging planters and unusual receptacles. Don’t forget to group items in odd numbers, as it’s more attractive to look at.

Wallpaper and fabrics

This is a fantastic time of year for wallpaper and fabrics, with an abundance of florals with a botanical finish (on trend for 2017- 2018), bright florals mixed with pretty pastels, as well as vibrant tropical designs and bold African prints.

Integrating the colours and textures of nature is essential for bringing the outside in; bright and exotic colours, shades of green, natural wood, rattan, floral and leaf patterns will enhance the scheme. Animal and tribal prints are also a great way to give a relaxed, bohemian feel.

The stunning Ardmore Collection by Cole & Son Wallpapers epitomises this year’s key theme of tropical-meets-Africana, with a strikingly sophisticated collection that explores Africa’s exotic flora and majestic fauna: from rare birds to big cats, elephants, rhinos and mischievous monkeys, as well as the beautiful patterns of Zulu beadwork and woven basket ware.

Furniture and accessories

Key trends for 2017 include the seventies, outside furniture indoors and a mix of both traditional and modern styles with innovative colours, textures and fabrics. Incorporating natural fibres and textures into your décor, such as rattan and wicker, will instantly add a touch of nature. Natural looking wood can also bring a relaxed outdoors vibe to your home.

Furniture that can be used inside and outside is in great demand, and gives a conservatory/glasshouse finish to your home. Vincent Sheppard produce a fantastic range of Lloyd Loom furniture; a woven paper which looks like wicker, but is much smoother and more comfortable, yet durable.

Think about accessorising with natural materials and nature-inspired designs and colours with baskets, lampshades, cushions, rugs and tableware. The green trend of the moment is cabbage tableware – a revived trend that was particularly popular in the mid-19th century. There are now various recreations of the original cabbage plates, jugs and tureens as well as other fruit and vegetation designs. We stock a beautiful, quirky and extremely popular range of Portuguese tableware from renowned ceramics brand Bordallo Pinheiro.




Top Image – Photography courtesy of Thibaut

Below – Cole & Son Wallpapers

Bottom – Find Vincent Sheppard Furniture at Amanda Hanley by Design


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