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CDRB Architects

CDRB Architects

CDRB Architects are a newly established architectural practice serving the Cotswolds and surrounding areas
CDRB Architects

Each client and project is unique

CDRB Architects specialise in working with residential properties whether old or new and contemporary.

Our philosophy is simple we are local architects with a passion for design and we wish to help anyone who is undertaking a building project by offering them our skills as architects.

We have built and extended many properties and have converted others.

CDRB Architects


To date our projects include:


Private Houses | Domestic Extensions | Loft Conversions | Conservatories | Pub Conversions | Small commercial offices | Restaurants | Shop Premises | Church Extensions | Barn Conversions | Listed Building Alterations | Memorial Buildings


For CDRB each client and project is unique and each building has its own issues that need to be respected and learned from in order to develop a solution that feels right for the building. This is never the same process on any building as each building is always different.

As architects we prefer to be ‘individual’ rather than ‘universal’ and have found our clients respect and appreciate this position.

An ‘individual’ design is unique to its site and to its client’s brief and is a ‘one off’. A ‘universal’ design is a design thought of as a concept and then ‘rolled out’ throughout the country. Usually the latter has no respect of context or site just that it is identifiable to everyone.

As architects we use a palette of materials that we feel is appropriate to a building and a site rather than just use one palette because it is expected or a ‘brand’. Typically we like to work with timber, stone and glass and this has led to work on barn conversions for both offices and private houses.

Whilst we as architects, have ideas so to do our clients and the end solution is usually a combination of CDRB ideas and client ideas. We never assume we know more than the client as to how they live or wish to live their lives and their lifestyles.

We welcome any new enquires and look forward to seeing many of you in the future (Tel: 07527 148007).


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