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“Change The World” 2015 Art Competition

Here are some of the winners of the “Change The World” 2015 Art Competition

Theme, Originality, Capability, Contemporary and Connection

We live in a changing and ever more challenging world. Our environment and resources are being depleted and nature with the elements of air, wind, fire and water is testing us.

Our countryside is being reduced due to meet rising population and seaside being eroded due to rising sea levels and changing weather patterns. Economic inequality is rife and charities battle to cope with feeding and supporting the homeless, sick and insecure. Love and humanity exists, yet we battle over territory, resources often in the name of politics and religion even as people of the same planet.

Greed and ignorance versus love and education.

So, we asked what would you tell our future selves to protect or change? What would you want to remind people of the beauty of our planet?


We requested people tell us through their art medium and briefly in their words how we can use or be inspired by it to make a change.

Entrants uploaded an image of their artwork with a description of up to 1,000 characters and selected one of the following three categories:

• Oxfordshire Schools (ages 13-18 at schools & colleges in Oxfordshire)
• Oxfordshire Adults (age 18 or above living in Oxfordshire)
• Open category (open to all)

Entries were made available to and for voting by the general public on Facebook and via the Poseytude Gallery website. Voting ceased at midnight on 29 March 2015 and the top ranked artworks, by number of votes, were selected as finalists and invited to present the artwork entry at Oxford Town Hall, Oxford, UK for the duration of May 2015 and exhibited as participants of Oxfordshire Artweeks.

A judging panel of art experts then judged the finalists work based on five criteria: Theme, Originality, Capability, Contemporary and Connection. The judges then select the first, second and third prizes per category as well as an overall Grand Prix competition winner.


Top Image - Open Category Winner | String Theory by Sarah Hull | Intentionally kept mathematically constant, this structure of 16,383 lengths of string is directly modelled on the growth patterns seen throughout nature.

Middle Image - 3rd Place | Resurgence – Kingfisher by Erica Coulehan | My work merges abstract expressionism that express my emotional response to a figurative subject, with my current series of work inspired by British birds that were once endangered but are now fighting back.


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