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Changing Seasons

Changing Seasons

There is something liberating about a season change. Off with the old and in with the new. Whether it is clothes, make up or hair there is something exciting about a fresh look
Changing Seasons

"Strong fringes are always a winner"

OX spoke to Oxford based award winning hairdresser Anne Veck about how to stay on trend as we head into autumn winter 2015


“Autumn is one of my favourite seasons, as it’s when customers come to us looking for change. Gone are the boho, beachy hair and in its place are strong looks.

“Strong fringes are always a winner. They are the perfect way to reinvent your look without sacrificing too much length and they look amazing with a hat and are great for less than perfect weather.

“As the season changes, we start to see a return to warm tones in hair.

“The colour choices are often much deeper and as always red is just as popular.

“Not only does it turn heads, but there is also a tone to suit everyone. Many people think that strong hair colours will be high maintenance, and although it is important to look after the colour, investing in a good colour shampoo and conditioner will make the most out of your new tresses. I always recommend Revlonissimo’s 45 Days Total Colour Care. It is the perfect product to keep it fresh as long as possible.

“For those girls who love their highlights, Warm Gold is the perfect transition.

“As the weather changes and tans are a thing of the past it will look softer and warm up your skintone.

“The pastel colours that were very popular and great fun for the summer can make you look washed out for the winter but that doesn’t mean that they are a no go.

“Opt for warmer pink tones, or striking and vibrant blues and violets in highlight form and your winter look will be just as fun and colourful.

“Overall, the key to keeping your tresses looking amazing in the new seasons is to keep them in great condition. Book a hair appointment at the latest every 8 weeks and make time for deep conditioning mask every week at home.

“I am a huge fan of the new Orofluido Asia range. Their conditioner leaves your hair silky smooth. After all with the effects of heating, the weather, hair irons and dryers we need to make our hair feel as good as it looks.”


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