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Christ Church Cathedral School

18 boys leaving, 9 with scholarships or exhibitions to senior schools, inc. Winchester, Harrow & Abingdon

At Christ Church, there is very little that cannot be achieved

Christ Church Cathedral School gained three scholarships to Magdalen College School, namely a Major Academic scholarship, a Music scholarship and a Sports scholarship. Last year every pupil went to the school of their choice.

This extraordinary success is, of course, primarily down to the hard work of the boys, combined with careful and rigorous exam preparation, but we are convinced that pupils flourish academically in an environment where a love of learning is fostered and it is this which is our priority. Our small size means that our dedicated and talented staff are able to focus their attention upon the individual needs of each pupil,allowing every boy in the school to flourish and to reach their full potential.



Our premise is that pupils love to succeed and want to work hard when the environment is right; if teachers are enthusiastic about their subjects, interested in their pupils as individuals and deeply concerned about the quality of their work, as they are at Christ Church, there is very little that cannot be achieved.

But academic endeavour should not exist within a moral vacuum and, at Christ Church, we are determined that our boys should behave with thoughtfulness and decency. Manners are as important as they ever were and great stress is placed upon producing boys who are politely self-confident, open and concerned about those around them. Though we are unstinting in our focus upon proper behaviour, we believe that pupils achieve most in a nurturing environment, one in which they feel confident to take risks intellectually and to try their hand at the many activities and clubs on offer, including judo, chess, African drumming and squash.

Our co-educational Nursery is the perfect happy place for boys and girls to spend what are often their first hours away from a parent.

In a world which seems in many ways threatening and dangerous, our children are nurtured in an environment of thoughtful care.

We are able to make full use of our position as Oxford’s Cathedral School to enhance the cultural and spiritual life of our boys. We have a weekly service in the Cathedral, and the museums and libraries of Oxford are available to us; our music is, of course, world-renowned. Our playing fields, considered by many to be amongst the most beautiful in the country, provide an unrivalled backdrop to our sporting endeavours and our Summer Fair. Since the opening of a new bridge over the River Cherwell, we are able to make use of the College’s new Astroturf and have easy access to the swimming pool.

Pupils educated with us cannot help but be affected by our circumstances; the daily acts of kindness to which our boys aspire are reinforced by the rhythms of civilisation which surround us and by the standards set and expected by our staff.


Top Image - After Evensong: Choristers feel at home in the Medieval cloister

Middle Image - The Queen meets our Nursery children whilst visiting the Cathedral in 2013

Bottom Image - Tea interval on our cricket pitch, Merton Field


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