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Clarendon Centre

Clarendon Centre: Life in Black and White

We’ve all heard the saying ‘life’s not just black and white’ but if anything, this trend has taught us that life could look better this way
Clarendon Centre

The secret lies in the myriad of ways you can wear it

For a trend that leaves no room for grey areas, make a statement in monochrome this season


Black and white works for evening elegance, a day in the office, stylish sportswear or parading poolside. Who knew using two simple colours could be so versatile? Oh and ladies, you’ll be pleased to hear it’s universally flattering.

When the fashion bibles were written, we were taught that ‘thou shall wear black’ to hide a multitude of sins. Bringing it back to the 21st Century, black is not only the go-to colour to cover any imperfections, but it’s also seriously chic. Contrasted against its colour rival, white, you can pick styles to shape you, whatever your figure – perfect for those days when you need a quick confidence boost!

Clarendon Centre


There’s good reason for monochrome having such staying power throughout the seasons & the secret lies in the myriad of ways you can wear it; spots or stripes, blocks or geometric – it’s all about illusion to add sleek sophistication to your wardrobe.

Perfect the look by playing with patterns and incorporating a heavy focus on detail. You can make this look as uniform or as wild as you wish. For a strict monochrome look, step in line and get suited. Pair a black textured midi/mini skirt or simple wide leg trousers with a white crop top or cut out body. Sharpen your look by adding a black long line blazer to lengthen your torso. P.S Don’t forget your killer heels.

For those of you edging more towards the wild, go graphic in black and white by contrasting bold markings in a clashing two-piece or by choosing one statement item, perhaps with a loud zig-zag or kaleidoscope print to add an abstract twist.

If you’re still not convinced by wearing head to toe monochrome, especially in the Summer months, introduce a bright pop of colour like we have here with a bold bag, statement shoe or a knock-out necklace.

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