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Cokethorpe Junior School

Early Easter at Cokethorpe Junior School in Witney with the delivery of ten chicken eggs only days away from hatching

A wonderful and practical learning experience for the school

Cokethorpe Junior School children could barely contain their excitement

as they monitored the progress of ten chicken eggs and after just 24 hours witnessed the first chick emerge from its shell.

The delivery was part of the Living Eggs programme which became the focus of the topic based curriculum across the whole school. Children of all ages took part in educational activities that were centred on the eggs and the science of the life cycle.

The children in Year 4 learnt about the maths behind code ‘cracking’. Using simple mathematical operations they solved alpha-numeric codes to reveal secret messages and facts about the chicks.


Year 4 also made beautiful Easter baskets for their Design and Technology project in which the chicks soon made themselves at home.

In Science the Year 5 children took an in-depth look at the life cycle of a chicken from the development within the egg to life as an adult.

In the weekly Art lesson, with specialist teaching, the children in Year 6 took on the challenge of scale drawing and turned a drawing of a baby chick in to a stunning display of giant and colourful chicks.

The two week visit provided a wonderful and practical learning experience for the school. It was also a great opportunity for the children to take responsibility for the care and wellbeing of the chicks, as well as having plenty of time for handling and petting their new friends.


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