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Cole and Son (Wallpapers) Ltd

Create a warm and inviting home with designer wallpaper

Amanda Hanley, our expert interior designer, advises on how to create a different dimension to your home with beautiful wallpaper
Lewis & Wood

"The stronger the background colour, the more important it is to continue the effect around the room."

Using wallpaper is a brilliant way to transform your home and add an injection of your personality.


From the elegant to the statement-making, stunning wallpaper can really bring a room together.

Wallpaper affects all the senses, not just sight – its tactility influences the feeling of warmth and scent in a room, therefore it is capable of entirely changing the dynamic and creating a lasting memory.

A bold, large scale print in your hallway will add warmth and a touch of excitement as guests are invited in – equally, a deep, vivid, unexpected colour on one wall of your living room against a uniform palette of grey or stone will change the mood entirely.

Cole and Son (Wallpapers) Ltd

Amanda’s top tips

• Whether used as a complement to existing fabrics and colours or changing the look completely with strong, contrasting designs, the background colour should always guide your choice for the other walls. The stronger the background colour, the more important it is to continue the effect around the room.

• If painting the remaining walls consider that paint colour behaves in different ways in changing lights. Therefore pairing paint with other materials, whether paper, furniture or woodwork, is also a skill. A plain wallpaper of a similar texture on the remaining walls has a wonderful cocooning effect, providing a rich, luxurious quality particularly suited to bedrooms.

• For a truly bespoke look, many designers will adapt a paper to suit your requirements in a colour of your choice. You can even get paper that is designed and produced in individual drops to fit your wall exactly – at a price of course.

• Always get a sample! The colour, size of pattern, luminosity and texture are impossible to gauge without seeing your choice against your sofas, curtains and carpets. I am always happy to visit clients with my books and recommend wallpapers, or supply samples to test at home.

• A quick way to estimate how much wallpaper you need for an average ceiling height room is to allow that one roll will cover 3 drops of wallpaper. It is best to get all the paper at the same time, to ensure the rolls are from the same product run and there is no variation in colour, and double check all your rolls come from the same batch number. The general rule of thumb is to get one roll extra.

• Use a professional to hang your wallpaper and don’t forget that redecorating extends beyond the paper – walls need preparing and woodwork and ceilings should be refreshed with a new coat of paint beforehand too.

- Amanda Hanley


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