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Day Bowman: Alchemy

Paintings that feel like Jazz fusion. They're charged and fluid – dynamic in form and joyous in palette

“There is a kind of cruel beauty in the destruction we create"

Day Bowman is emerging as one of the UK's most exciting contemporary painters. Drawing inspiration from post-industrial landscape, Day has written her own alphabet and language of painting. You can clearly distinguish the origins for her gestural marks that refer back to a childhood spent exploring urban wastelands, a landscape that continues to excite and inspire her. Flat colour planes, ink spills and ribbons of colour interleave symbols that once were gasometers, containers and huge concrete piping. Perfected over years, Day creates abstract expressionist paintings that feel like jazz fusion. Her paintings are charged and fluid – dynamic in form and joyous in palette.


Day Bowman: “There is a kind of cruel beauty in the destruction we create – for me, the oil depot, stacked piping and overhead cables have superseded the rivers and hills of the traditional picturesque. Painting is central to my practice as an artist. By this, I do not mean that it is to the exclusion of all other activities such as drawing, collage and printmaking that are integral to the work that I produce on canvas. As a painter, I work in series which allows me to focus and explore the subject in depth.”

Day Bowman has exhibited in galleries and museums in UK and Europe, most recently in 2013 at the Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool and Spacex in Exeter. She had a museum tour of South West England in 2011/12 and was commissioned to create a series of images blown up for hoardings to mark the Olympic sailing at Weymouth in 2012. Day has paintings in public and private collections.

Day Bowman: Alchemy

4 January-8 February

Reception: Sunday 11 January 12:00-3:00pm

Jenny Blyth Fine Art at Art Jericho

RSVP : jennyblyth@btconnect.com


Top Image - Day Bowman Borders 16

Middle Image - Day Bowman Refinery 4