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Ed Paschke: Visionary from Chicago 1968-2004

Brilliantly coloured, provocative and surreal circus freaks, tattooed ladies, transvestites, wrestlers and hairy shoes
A dark side of Pop Art...

'Ed Paschke: Visionary from Chicago, 1968‒2004' is the third in the Ashmolean’s series of exhibitions of post-war and contemporary art presented in collaboration with the Hall Art Foundation.


Ed Paschke (1939–2004) was strongly influenced by media imagery and popular culture – newspapers, magazines, advertisements, film and television. His brilliantly coloured, provocative and surreal paintings of circus freaks, tattooed ladies, transvestites, wrestlers and hairy wingtip shoes explore the underbelly of urban life and a dark side of Pop Art.

Part of a group of artists known as the Chicago Imagists who emerged in the 1960s, Paschke’s work developed an unmistakable confrontational style which captured the grittiness of his surroundings. 'Ed Paschke is one of Chicago's most significant artists, and this exhibition, the first of Paschke's work in the United Kingdom should come as a revelation' ‒ Sir Norman Rosenthal, exhibition curator. Free admission. Runs until 5 July.


Top Image - Boxer with Masque (© Ed Paschke)

Below - Two Screaming Ladies (© Ed Paschke)