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Lamborghinis Gallardo

Favourite cars for women drivers?

Which cars tend be hot favourites for women drivers? Well, the facts are little known as women drivers buy all the cars men drivers do...
Fiat 500

"An emerging trend is a female bias towards mid-range SUVs, the Nissan Juke, the Vauxhall Mokka, the Nissan Qashqai all seeming to prove a hit with women buyers on the forecourt"

Manufacturers tend to keep the question as to which cars are favoured by women drivers rather ‘hush-hush’ because they don’t want to be officially recorded as producing gender specific cars. Neither does anyone, including us, wish to stereotype either male or female drivers!


To our knowledge there is no official ‘top ten’ statistical record of women buyer car sales, despite a plethora of articles you will find elsewhere identifying the ‘top ten’ car purchases for women. It’s all too controversial with little reliable statistical data to back it up, and many purchasing patterns vary according to age, income, job status, and family circumstances. There is ‘now’t so queer as folk’ as the saying goes, and trying to fathom this issue proves it.

Nissan Qashqai


Manufacturers know who are buying their cars of course, but the stats relate only to their brand and not the rest of the world. Where there seems to be consensus is that men and women in general tend to have broadly different criteria for their choice of car, and yet still the evidence shows contradictions in car purchasing behaviour.

Trends suggest women do go for style, practicality and economy, and enjoy cars that are fun to drive. (Men do too I hear you say).

A high seating position and safety issues appear to feature strongly as well, even though women seem to be high proportionate drivers of Mazda MX5’s. Plus the Fiat 500 has proven an overwhelming best seller with young women in particular, but it is neither high nor overly practical, though it is certainly of cool design with an extensive personalisation programme and distinctive presence.

The same goes for MINI – another popular best seller with women drivers boasting an equally comprehensive personalisation programme and great looks.

To me, this simply suggests women have good taste. Add the very popular Vauxhall Corsa, the Honda Jazz (and Civic by the way), and in particular the Ford Fiesta/Focus to that list and you’ll find that many models regarded as favourites for women drivers are favourites for all drivers, as all these cars fall within top ten sales for their categories regardless of gender.

An emerging trend is a female bias towards mid-range SUVs, the Nissan Juke, the Vauxhall Mokka, the Nissan Qashqai all seeming to prove a hit with women buyers on the forecourt. The Range Rover Evoque has also appeared popular with female buyers at the luxury end.

Women do go for the higher end powerful performance and luxury cars, and are to be seen behind the wheel of anything you care to name…Ferraris, Lamborghinis (namely the Gallardo and a fair few Aventadors). Maseratis (specifically the Gran Turismo and Ghibli) are becoming increasingly piloted by women. At the luxury convertible end of the market, Mercedes Benz SLK has always done well with female buyers.

What a lot of this suggests is that our society is changing for the better. ‘Cars for women’ and ‘cars for men’ is a deservedly dated and potentially discriminatory concept. As female and male gender stereotypes break down, so does the idea of ‘boys’ cars’ and ‘girls’ cars’, hopefully seeing an eventual end to the gender stereotyping of motor cars. Clearly manufacturers get that too, making questions like this thankfully very hard to answer.


- Kevin Haggarthy


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