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Dr Murgai of The Smile Practice in Didcot

Five Reasons not to go to this Dentist in Oxfordshire

Did you know that not all dental practices are the same? Well, it’s true! For instance, Dr Murgai of The Smile Practice in Didcot believes in treating his patients differently
Dr Murgai insists on treating his patients in a warm, friendly manner whenever they visit The Smile Practice

If you expect a lecture from your dentist about your teeth then you shouldn’t go to Dr Murgai of The Smile Practice in Didcot. That’s because he doesn’t believe in giving patients a hard time about the state of their teeth. Or worse, speak down to them in such a way that they feel about an inch tall.

Nor does he make them feel bad about themselves if they haven’t seen a dentist for a while. No, his kind, friendly manner helps patients – even the most nervous of patients – feel relaxed about attending dental appointments.

Also, if you spend hours before a dental visit getting worked up, and worrying yourself sick about any treatment, then having Dr Murgai as your dentist is a good idea. Dr Murgai takes a lot of time to eliminate fear and worry from his patients. This way they’re fully relaxed when he treats them. He also informs them exactly what’s happening and if the patient says ‘Stop’ during any treatment he stops. He only continues with the treatment when the patient feels comfortable.

In addition, if you expect an unfriendly welcome from your dental clinic, then you shouldn’t visit Dr Murgai. You see, Dr Murgai insists on treating his patients in a warm, friendly manner whenever they visit The Smile Practice. This way a patient feels welcome and appreciated.


What’s more, if the thought of having a tooth numbed scares you when visiting a dentist then you should visit Dr Murgai


You see, he’s developed his numbing technique to such a fine level that patients tell him they didn’t even realise they’d been numbed.

Also, let’s not forget this; Dr Murgai always gives different treatment options. Let’s face it, times are difficult right now, that’s why Dr Murgai keeps his fees affordable.

Here’s what just a few of his patients have to say:

“Dr Murgai is a very skilled, dedicated and charming dentist.” (Simon, Oxford)

“My teeth now look great! I cannot believe what Dr Murgai has managed to achieve.” (Hannah, Didcot)

“I now have a bright smile thanks to Dr Murgai, which has made me feel more confident.” (Kieran, Oxford)

Now you can find out if Dr Murgai is as good at treating patients as others say…and at no financial cost to yourself. If you’re one of the first 20 readers of OXcountry to respond by 31 August 2015, you can have a Free Consultation to see how Dr Murgai and his team can help you to be more confident with your smile (saving £95). But hurry as once word gets out about how well Dr Murgai treats his patients, he may have stopped this special offer. One thing, you will not be sold to during your free consultation. And there is no future obligation.

So phone 01235 813245 and reserve your free consultation today by quoting: OXC 815.

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