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What about the gift that just gives and gives and continues to inspire years down the line. How about the gift of golf?

Getting into golf: The gift that keeps on giving

Stuck for a gift idea? Although we all still love them, socks, smellies, watches and chocolate have all been done before. More importantly, they will either end up put away at the back of the bathroom cabinet or eaten by the end of January
"Taking lessons will enrich most people’s lives"

What about the gift that just gives and gives and continues to inspire years down the line. How about the gift of golf?

It doesn’t matter if you or your recipient have never played golf or haven’t picked up a club since school days, as beginner courses are designed to teach you everything you need to begin playing. Most local clubs have a professional, who can teach you the basics whilst you get a feel for the game. Group lessons are the ideal way for beginners to get into the sport, as the taster sessions usually have a relaxed atmosphere and allow the opportunity to meet other budding golfers and have some fun. You’ll learn how to hold the club, take a swing and get the ball as near to the hole as possible, and be taught a bit about the rules, etiquette and the language of golf. Soon you’ll be able to speak to other golfers in the lingua franca, knowing the difference between the rough and the smooth and the fairway and the bunker.

Once you’ve got the hang of how of the basics work, the instructor will help perfect your drive and putting. Learning in a group will help with keeping score and playing on the course, and the instructor will teach the way to play the course and give information about club membership and follow-up coaching.

Most clubs lend equipment to beginners the basics to start, and will usually be included in the price of the course activities. Turn up on the day in comfortable clothing and flat shoes, such as trainers. You can always by equipment after you’ve got the hang of it.

There are lots of different types of “get into golf” activities. Here some idea of the sessions may be on offer:

Taster sessions

These are usually short sessions of about an hour, and involve finding out more about the sport, meeting a golfing professional, touring the golf club, buying the basics and hitting some balls in a mini-coaching session. There should also be an opportunity for questions to be answered.

Beginner courses

This is a step-by-step approach to the basics, from grip and posture to golf etiquette and how to play a full game. These can vary across from club to club, but last a number of weeks and most clubs offer a fixed fee for the whole course.

This is a great present opportunity for Christmas or for another celebration, and there are usually ladies courses, as well as versions that are child-friendly.

Learn golf in a day

This is usually a five-hour course, where a person can get a quick start and keep up with more experienced friends with at least some of the basics. Learning the same beginner skills as on the five-week course, but packed into a single day.

Improver’s course

Tried it previously? Skills lapse? More time on your hands due to recent retirement? These types of courses build on the skills learned in the beginner sessions or before. On this course, you can start playing regular rounds. Meeting other aspiring golfers teaming up with or at least be able to go out on the course with friends or family and have a fair chance of improving rusty games. These courses are normally around five weeks long and also make a great present for the person who has left the clubs lingering at the back of the garage for a while or feel that they need extra help in improving their game.

Whatever skill level the person is at, joining a club and taking lessons will enrich most people’s lives beyond measure, by getting your fitness levels up and lifting your spirits by getting out in the fresh air. It will also undoubtedly improve social lives, and most clubs usually have a fantastic social aspect to them. So what’s stopping anyone? Great sport, great fitness and great friends could be the best present that has ever been received.


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