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Good Food at Nirvana Spa

Delicious and innovative menus at Nirvana Spa in Berkshire...gluten free dishes and vegetarian options are always available

"I don’t believe people want to be told what they should eat or should be made to follow a regime of eating specifically because of the environment in which they eat it. They don’t come to a spa to be dictated to"

Eating well is a combination of highest quality ingredients put together with skill and imagination, served by friendly and informed food enthusiasts in a delightful environment. Maintaining these ideals results in a dining experience that perfectly complements Nirvana Spa’s philosophy for a healthy mind, body and spirit to promote contentment and wellbeing. 

All of Nirvana Spa’s food has been through a rigorous process that requires every dish to fulfil quality control criteria that results in more than just amazing flavours and attractive creations.  Only seasonal, locally sourced produce is used to create exceptional and interesting menus that reflect Nirvana Spa’s ideals for delicious, healthy, attractive and interesting dishes and a variety of gluten free dishes and vegetarian options are always available.  Everything is labelled to help those with allergies.


Nirvana Spa’s food is innovative and unexpected but always balanced by the traditional and popular and Executive Chef, Jolyon Yates, enjoys experimenting and discovering new techniques.  His best dishes are accessible to anyone willing to take a small risk, perhaps on an unfamiliar ingredient or an unusual preparation method.  A recent addition to the breakfast menu was Duck Eggs and Soldiers – a one-time favourite, duck eggs have been lost from most kitchens in the UK.  

Jolyon’s philosophy for spa food is somewhat unusual in the industry.  He says:

“I don’t believe people want to be told what they should eat or should be made to follow a regime of eating specifically because of the environment in which they eat it.  They don’t come to a spa to be dictated to. They come to relax and indulge and central to these precepts is the dining experience.  I do not believe in “spa food”.  My own food philosophy is that anything goes, so long as first and foremost it offers a taste experience which creates a ‘moment’ for the diner in a relatively healthy way, without compromising taste.”

The Chef’s Grill and Salad Bar is the mainstay for spa visitors as this is included in their visit and the choices change daily and are always interesting.

The bright, relaxed atmosphere of the Spa Restaurant offers the perfect place to enjoy a meal with friends.  Delicious meals can be ordered à la carte or chosen from our Chef’s Grill – an array of freshly prepared buffet choices which includes a variety of hot and cold dishes, seafood, dairy, vegetarian and gluten free options, inspired by cuisine from all over the world, to help you create your own culinary perfection.

During the warmer months al fresco dining is available in the beautiful Spa Garden where mouth-watering aromas waft across the patio from the irresistible Chargrill Menu!

So, what’s new at Nirvana Spa?  The ever popular Caesar Salad section of the salad bar has changed to an exciting new concept for food called “42 below” - a system of food preparation which ensures that food is not heated above 42°C, which classifies the end product as “raw”.  Food preparation can include dehydration, such as sun blush tomatoes, or Jolyon’s own invention – beetroot sprinkles (see Superfood Salad on nirvanaspa.co.uk/dont-get-stuck-salad-rut/).

In the near future a new range of ice creams called “Oppo”, is to be introduced  - created to offer the indulgent joy of a favourite frozen dessert without the corresponding compromise to health.   Also, an ambitious programme of change is underway for Nirvana Spa’s food which has already produced a noticeable rise in the number of feedback comments which specifically mention the “delicious” food at Nirvana Spa.

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