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The Lexus NX

One thing we road testers have learned over the years is that Lexus are passionate about what they do
This fabulous new Lexus NX is squarely aimed at the busy people with active lifestyles

It isn’t by coincidence that Lexus have often come top in the JD Customer Service surveys, often exceeding customer service requirements.



Yet Lexus have trodden carefully over the years to achieve credibility – won less so on its own PR and marketing,  but in producing sound products demonstrating that the brand can   ‘walk the walk’ in meeting, (or more often exceeding) customer expectations. It is a strong foundation on which to build, as Lexus enters the premium crossover market for the first time, and once again its’ competitors will be biting their nails.

Crossover vehicles bridge the gap between a typical luxury saloon and an SUV, (Sports Utility Vehicle), combining multi-purpose outdoor capabilities with day to day usability. In doing so, the new Lexus NX comes to the UK market initially with two powertrains; the 300h and the NX 200t.

The NX 300h is a state of the art hybrid system, achieving 195 bhp and less than 120 g/km of CO2, whilst achieving average fuel economy of 54.3 mpg, and is available as either two or rear wheel drive. With it comes the proven bonus of cost of ownership benefits such as low maintenance and running costs, high residual values.

The NX 200t  is the first model to use the new Lexus 2.0 litre petrol turbo engine, combining exceptional fuel economy with agile performance and responsiveness. It has a six speed automatic gearbox with a new ‘torque-demand control’ system that constantly calculates and maximises engine torque according to the behaviour of your right foot. The NX 200t F Sport AWD version, unique to the UK,  will be available from early next year.


The NX has a striking presence, its diamond-shaped body emerging from a prominent spindle shaped grilled. Flared wheel arches house either 17 in or 18 inch wheels giving the NX a sporting muscular stance. You’ll easily recognise ‘it’s a Lexus’ from the innovative LED headlamps and daytime running lights in your rear view mirror.

If Lexus is new to you, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the luxurious quality feel, fit and finish to the cabin. Once seated behind the wheel, the thick rimmed steering wheel gives the first hint of its sporting intentions, whilst the dash provides intuitive user friendly information proving that technology can work for you, rather than confuse you.

Being super all-purpose a lot of attention has been given to interior seating, allowing masses of headroom and generous front to rear couple distance, with the longest luggage load area in its class, whilst a highly rigid body and new suspension technology guarantees a high quality ride. Lexus reckon they have engineered agile handling , stability  and high levels of body and ride comfort into the car. We’ve never known Lexus to disappoint on a promise….that’s why we can’t wait to drive it, and if you can’t wait either, we’re sure you’re local friendly Lexus dealer will oblige.

- Kevin Haggarthy