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Hungry to Learn

Burford School is a unique combination of traditional and contemporary, and academic success is pursued at all levels
The school focusses on teaching students how to think not what to think

Burford School's founding by Charter in 1571 gives it a very special history, of which the students are justly proud, and this legacy is reflected in its atmosphere, uniform and annual cycle of events. In contrast its outlook, achievements and approach are thoroughly contemporary.

Catering for students from 11-18, Burford is enriched by the presence of around 90 boarders who bring an international dimension to the daily life of the school. They share a close and positive relationship with the local community and are highly visible within the town as they walk to and from the boarding house.

‘The Headteacher is tenacious in her pursuit of excellence for every student’ (Ofsted 2014) and academic success is pursued at all levels. GCSE results in 2014 put the school amongst the very highest in Oxfordshire with 72% gaining 5 or more A-C grades including Maths and English.‘By the end of Year 13 students reach standards that are above the national average because of consistently good teaching’ (Ofsted 2014). At ‘A’ Level this August no fewer than eight students gained three or four A* and A grades, going on to a variety of Russell Group Universities.

Learning outside the taught curriculum develops and extends the students at Burford. ‘The vast range of thriving extra-curricular activities, including high quality opportunities in sport, music, drama, art and travel is a huge strength of the academy’ (Ofsted 2014).

The school focusses on teaching students how to think not what to think and providing them with an environment in which to develop insight, judgement and character. Equipped with the confidence and enthusiasm to succeed in whatever challenges they may face, Burford School students are provided with the skills to contribute positively to the wider world.

Prospective pupils and parents are welcome to visit the school by appointment throughout the year during normal working days.