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Improve Your Hearing with Aston Hearing

If you have hearing loss wearing hearing aids helps but there are still challenges to overcome

"To clearly identify bird song"...

With spring in the air we are all in the mood for getting out and about more and starting to socialise, walking in the country, play golf – “Sorry, pardon, what did you say?” Even with good hearing, one of the most challenging environments to have a conversation is outside.

Our conversation back drop is often traffic noise and wind. Environmental background noise can be difficult for anyone to hear conversation but if you have hearing loss the challenge is so much greater and wearing hearing aids certainly helps but there are still challenges to overcome.

2015 has seen the launch of new hearing aid technology, which is helping to improve listening in noise.

This new hearing technology has taken full advantage of the increased processing power of the very latest in tiny microchips. Increased power improves processing speed and the ability of the aid to deal with competing sound sources, in extremely cosmetic, discreet styles.


Visit astonhearing.co.uk to watch real-life testimonials videos of clients talking about their new Phonak Venture Hearing Aids.


If you would like Aston Hearing Services to help you hear better in noise, why not take advantage of our four week free trial of new technology? Call 01494 733840 or email Kate@astonhearing.co.uk to find out more details.

“Whenever I fit a new pair of hearing aids the acid test is to walk out of the comfort of my consulting room with the client wearing their new devices and seeing how well they hear in the busy high street – all the people we have – fitted with the new Phonak Venture hearing aids, have passed this test very successfully, being able to hear a conversation very clearly whilst standing in the busy high street, with cars, trucks and buses going past – even being able to clearly identify bird song, whilst in this very challenging listening environment. We have all been very impressed and encouraged by the results!” (Duncan Collet-Fenson, Managing Director of Aston Hearing)


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