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Interactive Periodic Table at Cheltenham College

On Monday 13 April 2015 Cheltenham College in Gloucstershire will unveil a 3m wide interactive periodic table display
The periodic table is the first large-scale installation of its kind in Europe

In 1869 Russian chemist, Dimitri Mendeleev, started the development of the periodic table, arranging chemical elements by atomic mass.


Since then there have been many different iterations of this famous arrangement of chemical elements, organised on the basis of their atomic numbers, electron configurations and recurring chemical properties, however few have aimed to bring the teaching of the periodic table to life.

Specially commissioned for the newly renovated Science Centre, and inspired by Theodore Gray, international selling author, the periodic table is the first large-scale installation of its kind in Europe, bringing the concept of the periodic table to life. The display presents hundreds of carefully curated objects, showing how elements are used in civilization, as well as an interactive video display featuring experiments and demonstrations.

“Our periodic table is a true blend of art and science. It brings chemistry to life for both students and visitors” says Isabella Mech, Head of Science at Cheltenham College

“There is a special magic to seeing real samples of every element from hydrogen to uranium. It is a powerful teaching resource” adds John Jones, Head of Chemistry.

Members of the College community, as well as members of the general public have also had the opportunity to be involved in the project by sponsoring an element and placing items of personal significance within each display cabinet. Current examples include an Oxygen meter from a military aircraft, aluminum bicycle brakes, and a piece of iron barbed wire from WW2 trenches. For further information, please visit: cheltenhamcollege.org/Sponsor-An-Element


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