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London Vision Clinic Professor Dan Reinstein

Laser eye surgery is surely just a little too good to be true?

A pain-free zap and hey presto – instant, perfect vision. Laser eye surgery is surely just a little too good to be true? We decided to get the true lowdown on this remarkable procedure
London Vision Clinic

"You barely feel a thing"

Professor Dan Reinstein of the London Vision Clinic on Harley Street is one of the world’s leading experts in laser eye surgery


Not only does Reinstein design the actual lasers used in the treatment, but he has also performed over 20,000 procedures. The Professor agreed to share us a little of his all-seeing wisdom.

London Vision Clinic


“There are many misconceptions about laser eye surgery,” says Professor Reinstein. “Firstly, you barely feel a thing, there is no pain. Also, you’re never too old for treatment - my oldest patient to date was a youthful 92 years old. The laser is cold, not hot - any smell is certainly not your eye burning. The aroma is pure carbon atoms generated by the laser. Finally, an important thing to remember is that you cannot go blind through laser eye surgery. Even a minor complication has a less than 0.1% chance of happening.”

Older patients may have previously been reluctant to try laser eye surgery because of the risk of dry eye


However, new technology means that this is becoming irrelevant. “SMILE is a keyhole procedure which eliminates the need for a corneal flap,” says the Professor. “This new method eliminates the prolonged healing time sometimes associated with standard laser eye surgery. It is a minimally-invasive procedure so provides more accurate and safer treatments. It allows us to treat higher prescriptions and those people with dry eyes.

The London Vision Clinic on Harley Street was the first UK laser eye surgery clinic to offer this new advanced treatment. Now, it looks set to be adopted throughout the industry.

“Laser eye surgery is already an extremely safe and very effective surgical procedure,” says Reinstein. “With over 20 million treatments carried out to date, it is also the most popular elective procedure in the world. SMILE represents the next-generation in vision correction treatments. It is an exciting time.”

If you are tempted into treatment there are certain major factors to consider when deciding how to choose the right clinic:

• The expertise of the surgeon

• The techniques they use and are familiar with

• The technology available in the clinic

• Your prescription

• The results the clinic has achieved previously for patients with the same prescription as yours

Remember to approach all surgical procedures with due caution.

Professor Reinstein has treated everyone from royalty to Hollywood stars in his surgery, so we decided to ask him to reveal a few secrets about his favourite star patients.

"I can’t break client confidentiality,” the Prof said with a wink. “However, seeing as Phillip Schofield was treated by me in front of millions of viewers on ITV, I guess he won’t mind me saying that he was a brilliant patient. He said his life was changed on that day, it is rather nice to be part of that special moment."


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