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My Partner for Life

We are very lucky in Oxfordshire to have The Sofa Studio that chooses their stock with maximum care and concern
They remain with us as places of safety, celebration, relaxation and sometimes even passionate encounters!

My first sofa was a present from my mother. She had had it for twenty years and decided that it was time to buy a new one. As the sofa refused to give up the ghost the only way to make my father buy new was to give it to me.

My initial idea was that the sofa, a floral specimen that held many memories would be just a short term fix but it was so comfortable, so sit-able, and in the end it was re-covered and remained within the household until it celebrated its 25th birthday by moving home again.

Not to the skip however but to a friend.

The point I am trying to make is that a well bought and well thought out sofa can be with us to welcome friends, family, kids, and grandkids and in my case scruffy dogs.

They can be cleaned, re-covered, re-sited and they remain with us as places of safety, celebration, relaxation and sometimes even passionate encounters!

It makes sense however, that we invest all that we can afford to buy the best quality, most comfortable and also establish what we want the sofa to do.

In a minimalist environment then a Corbusier classic may fit beautifully- but to cuddle up and watch a movie-mmm, not quite.

Similarly a 7 foot sofa in a 10 foot wide room may indeed seem like a good idea but will end up being a spectre at a feast and will dominate your room, your home and your life. If you can get it through the door in the first place.

Do you want legs, do you want to plump your cushions constantly, maintain clean lines or want country comfort?

And what about fabrics? Loose covers can be washed, but will never look svelte but choosing a fixed cover in a practical fabric that can be steam-cleaned in situ may last just as long. Velvets and linens give form to very squishy sofas, and work better than wool, which pulls in too many directions. Patterns or flecks are good for children and dogs; but no sofa is going to survive a scratching cat.

It takes a specialist to be able to give you the options and right answers and so a specialist was the person that we called upon.

We are very lucky in Oxfordshire to have a small, independent retailer that chooses their stock with more care and concern than the average person chooses their spouse!

In my case though it makes sense as the sofa would probably have to last longer!

But on a serious note husband and wife team Keith and Gloria are living testament to the saying “if they don’t know it, it’s not worth knowing”, when it comes to sofas. This impressive Pair have over 70 years’ experience in the trade, Keith training as an upholsterer and Gloria working with him before moving into furniture buying and retailing. Do they attribute their passion for quality to a lifetime in the trade? “Absolutely; being around craftsmen and seeing how furniture is made, lovingly and with such pride, and then watching this develop into such beautiful and unique pieces which will last a lifetime is something I could never tire of,” said Gloria, “this is why it is so important that our customers are completely sure that their purchase is exactly right for their needs and their homes, and why we spend so much time, ensuring that they are happy with each one of the four sofa stages.”

Gloria chooses her suppliers carefully, flying the flag for British industry by only stocking British handmade ranges from Tetred, John Sankey, Michael Tyler, and Peter Guild and many models are unique to the store .

As Gloria told us, “we have beautiful sofas in many styles and the choice of fabrics and range of colours means that you can create a bespoke piece.”

Or mix the old with the new and let Keith visit your home and advise you about refurbishment. His sought after skills have brought to life antiques and heirlooms from the County’s most prestigious homes and Colleges including Christchurch.

With their showroom at the top of Botley Road, parking outside and coffee on tap, The Sofa Studio are a company that offer the best products at the best price for the best Oxfordshire homes.

Call in and see Gloria - she’s guaranteed to find you a partner for life!

- Jill Rayner

The four sofa stages...

The design

Traditional or contemporary, high back or low.

The size

Will it fit? Is it too big or equally will it get lost in a large room?

What does the fabric need to do?

Decorative or hard wearing, cats, kids, social gatherings - what does it need to do?

Does it fit into the budget?

The Sofa Studio sell only quality pieces that will last, putting customer satisfaction in front of low priced models that inevitably cause problems for the purchaser.


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