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Nell's Dairy Milk

Nell’s Dairy

Three state of the art Swiss 'milk stations' at Adam Henson's Farm Park, the award winning Kingham Plough and the popular Burford Garden Company
Nell's Dairy Guernsey Cow

Healthier milk for you!

Like many, for years we have longed for the milk we used to get when staying with granny on her farm. Fresh from the churn, thick cream on the top, full of goodness and…delicious! We despaired increasingly at the chalky white watery stuff for sale in our local supermarket…and, cheaper than bottled water, it somehow seemed wrong.

On holiday in Europe, we noticed queues outside these strange vending machines...

Nell's Dairy Flo & a Guernsey Cow


These machines dispensed fresh milk from the local dairy farm to enthusiastic customers carrying their own jugs. We even saw one boy filling his bowl of cereal straight from the machine. This was our light bulb moment!

Three years later, having achieved the demanding Soil Association status, with a brand new milking parlour and processing plant signed off by the Food Standards Agency and a herd of gentle and happy Guernsey cows, we were in business. The demand at our three state of the art Swiss 'milk stations' at Adam Henson's Farm Park, the award winning Kingham Plough and the popular Burford Garden Company, is so great that we have decided to take the plunge and offer our customers fresh milk to their door anywhere in the UK...online through our website.

On our farm at Eyford Hill, near Stow on the Wold, our small Guernsey herd grazes on organic clover leys in the summer, and, in the winter, on hay and silage cut from our fields. Our milk’s wonderful golden colour comes from the beta-carotene in this diet.

We pasteurise the milk the old fashioned way, heating it gently to eliminate germs whilst retaining its goodness and creamy flavour. We don't homogenise it, believing this is a modern process which unnecessarily standardises all milk. Our milk remains as natural as possible.

We only milk once a day, this results in a lower yield, but more importantly, less stress for our cows. A healthier life for our cows means healthier milk for you!

Our milk stations are at:

Cotswold Farm Park, GL54 5UG | The Kingham Plough, OX7 6YD | Burford Garden Company, OX18 4PA

We are also selling our fresh milk online, delivered to your door anywhere from John o’ Groats to Lands End!

Visit the Nell's Dairy Facebook and Twitter.