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© Max Earey

New Mitsubishi L200 Series 5

Looking at the Class tick list, Mitsubishi claim the L200 Series 5 a Class winner in just about every area that matters
"A totally new vehicle from the ground up"

If a new model of a vehicle looks pretty much identical to its predecessor we can be excused for thinking that not much has changed.

The new model should be an improvement of course, but probably not a massive step change over the previous model we have come to know and love. Yet we buy the new model anyway because our current one is old/tired and the miles are clocking up.

If the vehicle you currently own happens to be a Mitsubishi L200, and you’re thinking of trading up then you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise. That’s because although its looks are familiar, the Series 5 is a totally new vehicle from the ground up with, according to its maker, improvements in no less than 330 areas.

A class leader

Looking at the Class tick list, Mitsubishi claim the L200 Series 5 a Class winner in just about every area that matters; fuel efficiency, performance, emissions, carrying capacity, aerodynamics, driving refinement, and 4 wheel drive ability. Bold claims indeed, but too much is at stake for these claims not to stack up. No doubt Mitsubishi engineers and designers were given these targets in the 26 months they were allowed to develop this car.

In total, it means that the new Series 5 is anything but a marginal step change. Good move as we customers are becoming increasingly fussy; we want pick-up trucks to run like a family saloons, be great weekend lifestyle vehicles for the family, and business load-luggers to boot! It’s fair to say that most current production pick-ups can do that, but the Mitsubishi L200 tends to be the best all-rounder if you like.

So what’s new then? There are a couple of ‘Unique Selling Points’ for a start – it’s the only pick-up that can be driven permanently in two or four wheel drive, and the only one with the weight and durability advantage of an all-aluminium engine. The new Series 5 also has class leading cabin room with improved cabin width and bigger driver and passenger front seats. Mitsubishi claim this latest L200 also has the largest carrying capacity of any pick-up, combined with a full towing capability of 4.1 tonnes. With a combined 42.8 mpg Mitsubishi are able to boast between 11 and 47% less fuel usage than competitor pick-ups too, with the largest fuel range in class; an impressive 685 miles on a full tank of diesel.

The new MIVEC turbo diesel engine has a lower compression ratio contributing to an improvement in efficiency and emissions. It achieves an impressive 169g/km CO2 emissions rating, 33% lower than competitors creating a great margin for owners to safeguard against future emissions based tax changes

Noticeably improved

It wasn’t all that long ago that we drove its predecessor the Series 4, and there is no question that the Series 5 handles and rides better. Roll is better contained, handling at higher speeds is noticeably improved as is on-road refinement, yet we warn it is unmistakenly and audibly diesel. What’s more the Series 5 is certainly comfortable, and in top Barbarian spec rather luxurious with nice trim and interior lighting touches.

The L200 is as usable day to day as a saloon car (size apart of course) and with the aid of a clear reversing camera is surprisingly easy to park.

These are all targets successfully achieved by its maker for this popular model and no doubt account for its enduring success.


- Kevin Haggarthy

Tech spec

Model: Mitsubishi L200 Barbarian Double Cab | Price: £23,799 (manual) | Engine: 2.4 turbo diesel | Power: 151 bhp | 0-62 mph:12.2 secs | Top speed: 105 mph | Economy: 44.1 mpg (average) | CO2: 169 g/km


Image - © Max Earey


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