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Ofsted Says State Pupils Denied Competitive Sport

At Rendcomb College, Cirencester, all students take part in regular sport, get to be on a team and represent the school
"The Cotswold hills which surround Rendcomb may give us a competitive training edge"

Baroness Sue Campbell, the chair of the Youth Sport Trust, says physical education and sport in schools must be prioritised. Quoted in The Guardian, in January this year, she makes the compelling case for more sport, for all ages.


At Rendcomb, our pupils range in age from 3-8; some are natural athletes, the people for whom hand to eye co-ordination is second nature and whose natural pace is a run.

Other pupils talents lie in different directions; music, drama, academic. But, all of our students take an active part in regular sport and all get to be on a team and represent the school.

Every child will experience the pleasure of Match Tea

(yes, it still is sausage, beans and chips, to be wolfed down with your mates, whilst the post-match analysis takes place).

Director of Sport, William Mbanga says: “The philosophy behind our sports programme is to engage the youngest pupils to have fun through sport, to encourage participation and skill development with the 12-14 age group, recognise the sporting aspirations of the14-16s and train to win for the 16-18s. Traditional team games (Rugby, Hockey, Lacrosse, Cricket and Tennis) now sit alongside Cycling, Swimming and Cross Country running. The Cotswold hills which surround Rendcomb may give us a competitive training edge, and our students are committed and enthusiastic.

“Sport teaches us life-long lessons. Co-operation, team work and the discipline of training are all valuable. But as all competitive sports people know, sport involves more loosing than winning. And sometimes the decisions are not fair, so the most important life lesson is probably learning to win and lose with dignity.”


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