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The Birth of the Bard

Oxford Castle Quarter is hosting Twelfth Night in co-production with the English Repertory Theatre

"A magical and iconic setting"

Celebrating 450 years since the birth of the Bard and to launch a brave new annual season of popular plays by English playwrights, Oxford Castle Quarter is hosting Twelfth Night in an unprecedented co-production with the English Repertory Theatre. 

Actor Alexander Jonas, who plays Sir Andrew, is originally from Reading although moved to London a few years ago after spending 25 years growing-up, training and working in Sydney, Australia. 

“Sir Andrew is one of the main characters in the play known for being dim-witted, vain and clownish,” explains Alex. “He really is a fantastic character to play who has his own private journey and relationship with the other characters. Eventually the audience will see Sir Andrew, a misguided man, unravel before them so that all that is left is the man behind the provado.”

“There was never any doubt in my mind about the character I wanted to play and working with Director, Gavin Davis, has been a great experience,” said Alex.  “The entire cast is terrific.  There are no big egos and we are all supportive of each other.  Above all, we are looking forward to spending six weeks in Oxford performing one of Shakespeare’s most well-known plays in a magical and iconic setting.”

Actor Rachel Waring confirmed this; “I trained classically at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and getting this show on to the stage has been a very empowering experience. It’s definitely an ‘all hands on deck’ approach. Which I love! Shakespeare is a passion of mine. Within my work and training, I find it is the most beautiful and fulfilling text there is. However, it should be watched and performed with abandon and joy. Many, so called, experts actually dislike much live performed Shakespeare. I say to them, come and watch the show being performed by experts and tell me then whether Will would approve!"

Tickets are on sale to the public of Twelfth Night via partners Oxford Castle Unlocked until 5 September 2014.