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Pokémon Map for Waddesdon

PokémonGo at Waddesdon

With the explosion of the new PokémonGo mobile app, Waddesdon’s been invaded by Pokémon! It’s a great place to play as it is safe while having advantages such as fountains to attract water Pokémon
3D Flower pheasant Pokéstop at Waddesdon Manoror

"A Pokémon themed surprise"

Waddesdon Manor has 19 Pokéstops for visitors to find and three Pokémon Gyms to do battle in.


A Waddesdon Pokémon map has been created to help people find Pokémon; whether it’s a Slowpoke hiding in the Riesner exhibition, a Drowzee in one of the bedrooms, a Pidgey at the Aviary or a Seel cooling down in the fountain on the Parterre!

Thanks to this summer’s PokémonGo craze, young visitors are exploring the gardens and looking at parts of Waddesdon they have never paid much attention to before.

Waddesdon also have a Pokémon themed surprise planned for 3rd August. It will be a perfect time for novices and fanatics alike to “catch ‘em all” at Waddesdon.

Waddesdon Manor was built by Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild between 1874 and 1885 to display his outstanding collection of arts and to entertain the fashionable world. Opened to the public in 1957, it's managed by The Rothschild Foundation, a family charitable trust, on behalf of the National Trust.

Pokémon Gym at the Stables, Waddesdon Manor. Photo Thomas Conisbee