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Proposal Destinations 2015

Philippe Brown of bespoke travel company Brown and Hudson discusses the best marriage proposal destinations
Do we need to have a guide make special arrangements or is the groom to be the hero?

A marriage proposal is a landmark event and one you hope to only ever do once. So once you’ve decided to pop the question, the next most important step is to plan where and how you’re going to do it.


The proposal must reflect who the couple both are and their back story. They will be recounting this story for ever and will want to create a beautiful lifelong memory. We will work with whoever is proposing to discover whether they want a private, intimate setting or if thousands of people will be involved. Will the proposal be vast and grandiose or modest and personal? Do we need to have a guide make special arrangements or is the groom to be the hero?”

The romance of undiscovered Myanmar

The mystery and allure of Myanmar is still largely untouched as it is only just opening up to outside visitors, making it the perfect location for a proposal.

Imagine climbing to the top of an ancient pagoda in Bagan as the sun slowly sets behind the Himalayas. Staring out across the temple-covered plain, you can’t help but be awestruck by their beauty and suddenly you turn to see your loved one getting down on one knee to propose. Afterwards a procession of villagers will bring you back to the Lotus Villa at Aureum Palace. Here you’ll celebrate your engagement with a romantic dinner for two under a canopy of stars with spectacular views of the pagodas.

Or perhaps your loved one has a head for heights, so you could wrap up and climb aboard a hot air balloon for a sunrise flight across the plain. You can watch in amazement as the sun climbs from behind the towering mountains and casts its golden glow over the beautiful temples. As the morning mist slowly retreats, pop the cork on a bottle of champagne before popping the big question.

A proposal in Iceland to warm your heart

In Iceland you’ll board a helicopter in Reykjavik and fly to a secret location, surrounded by bubbling hot springs. You begin your sunset walk through the mists and after a while the air clears to reveal the edge of a glacier. A few steps more and together you stand awestruck at a sea of icy whiteness. Nearby a warm glow catches your eye – your home for the night, your luxury tented camp.

As you approach the roaring fire you notice your loved one pick up a beautifully carved piece of ice. Buried within it what looks like a small box. Suddenly your loved one is cracking the ice to reveal the box. They open the box and ask you to marry them holding a ring carved out of ice from the very glacier you are standing on.

Spend the evening together, wrapped up against the cold, snuggling by the warmth of the fire watching the Northern Lights dancing across the black night sky. As you tuck in for the night in your cosy camp you are safe in the knowledge that you are the only people for miles around and have found the person to spend the rest of your life with.

Of course, we would have a bespoke fireworks display already set up and ready to go with the press of a single button – just in case the Northern Lights chose not to appear.

In Peru the Inca trail leads to marriage

Starting in Cusco, Peru, you’ll board a helicopter and head high into the lush Vilcabamba Valley. As you swoop over Andean peaks you’ll see the forest part as the stunning Choquequirau ruins come into site. Land in a clearing and step onto the plain perfectly carved from the mountain’s face nearly 600 years ago. Wander together through this deserted city, which we have privately reserved for the day. As you round a corner you spot stunning views across the Apurímac River and stumble upon a beautiful picnic laid out for two. Whatever your favourite food is, we will have flown it in before you arrive. So if you dream of having fresh sushi, oysters or even fine French cuisine at 3,000m in the middle of the Andes then that is what will be there.

As you sip ice cold champagne, your favourite brand and vintage – of course, your other half produces a box and with words that make your heart skip a beat asks you to marry him. Then you see the stunning platinum ring made from the precious metal hewn from the Andes. A direct descendant of ancient

Incan jewelers has designed it exclusively for you based on traditional designs and your star sign. Afterwards you’ll have the choice of camping out beneath a sky filled with stars by the lights from your campfire and tents, or flying back to Cusco. At the Monasterio, one of the top luxury hotels on the continent, enjoy a wonderful evening of pampering and plan your nuptials over a glass of champagne or Pisco beside a roaring fire.

If you are interested and would like a hand-crafted trip, completely bespoke for you and your future fiancé, please call 0203 358 0110 or visit brownandhudson.com for more information.


Top Image - Balloons over Bagan

Bottom Image - Choquequirao


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