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© Alex Harvey-Brown, Savannah Photographic

South Hill Park presents Shakespeare’s Macbeth

Journey with South Hill Park this February into the bleak, wind-scoured highlands of medieval Scotland
© Alex Harvey-Brown, Savannah Photographic

"Consumed by ambition"

South Hill Park’s first community production of 2017, Macbeth, 1st-5th February, takes Shakespeare’s most infamous tragedy back to its roots.


Directed by South Hill Park’s very own Joe Malyan (The Magic Finger, Peter Pan) and with original music and songs inspired by Scottish folk songs, written by composer George Jennings, the production captures the innermost struggle of the brave Scottish general, Macbeth (Max Puplett), as he is told by three prophetic witches that he will be king.

Consumed by ambition and spurred into action by his wife, Lady Macbeth (Laura Hannawin), he sets out to take the throne from King Duncan (Nick Teale), whatever the cost!

With blood, death, violence, toil and trouble, this spellbinding production guarantees to have audiences on the edge of their seats and eager to return to South Hill Park to experience the many exciting projects the art centre has on its horizon for 2017.

© Alex Harvey-Brown, Savannah Photographic


Images – © Alex Harvey-Brown, Savannah Photographic


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