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Supernormal: activities and arts

The lifeblood of Supernormal, above and beyond any particular art or music, flows via the interaction between artists and audience, and in the dissolution of boundaries between the two
Sam Weaver & Rachel Goodyear

"Light Field’s interactive sound and light installation and Night Time Improvisations popping up in the woodlands around the site after dark."

5th-7th August 2016, Braziers Park, Oxfordshire


At Supernormal we're delighted to announce an activities and arts programme that's as kaleidoscopic, iconoclastic, inspiring and outlandish as any we've brought you thus far.

Together with a bewilderingly diverse and open-minded collection of collaborators, we're proud to bring you everything from a workshop with Newcastle’s Noize Choir, Safehouse Open Improv sessions for all, and experimenting with bells with Charles Hayward to the [Super] Common Printing Press from the Pink Milk Float, 16mm film workshops from BEEF & Film Material, responsive mindful writing workshop with This Place I Found, exploring sound poetry with Angela Rawlings, the return of the wonderfully serene daily Life Drawing barn sessions and even early morning Black Metal High Impact Aerobics for the energetic. Audience members will also be invited to create outlandish DIY costumes with Pester and Rossi and take part in a ‘jam’ with The Neighbours Are Bats, a collaborative sound/performance project making use of bat recordings courtesy of the Bat Conservation Trust.

Angela Rawlings


As always, there will be a plethora of children's activities with the kids kino project with a political edge from TRANSparent KINOmar to puppetry, hat, mask and puppet-making workshops, a Supersonic Kids Gig and traditionally raucous procession.

Not only do these workshops, events and roaming performances arrive at the outer limits of creativity and innovation, but they also serve to help make Supernormal one of the most inclusive and participatory summer events in the UK, for all ages, affiliations, pecadiloes and predilections.

As well as activities, there will be plenty of exciting arts projects popping up around the site including feminist fanzine project GirlFrenzy to CroneFrenzy, visual responses to the festival by Young Women’s Music Project, communal space-making from Babaloose, grass-rooted, crop-circle installation Next Door by Tom Railton, Light Field’s interactive sound and light installation and Night Time Improvisations popping up in the woodlands around the site after dark.


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