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Sam Underwood

Supernormal Festival

In the six years since its first incarnation, Supernormal has evolved to become a unique and transformative destination for adventurous audiences, and its home at Braziers Park, Oxfordshire has likewise assumed the form of an autonomous zone
Supernormal...When? 5th-7th August 2016 Where? Braziers Park, Ipsden

"Taking a long-standing countercultural lineage and using it to metamorphose the festival paradigm into something brand new"

When? 5th-7th August 2016

Where? Braziers Park, Ipsden


Supernormal…a spirit of iconoclastic innovation collides with a multidisciplinary spectrum of arts, music, performance and sound to manifest a creative landscape in which new paradigms can be explored and mutations encouraged, exploring a setting where the boundaries between artist and audience become increasingly meaningless.

Matt Copson


As ever in 2016, the evolution of Supernormal sees its gaze placed firmly forward, and with this in mind there are a number of exciting and radical developments in store for the coming year. Benefitting from increased funding support from the Arts Council England, the festival is developing several new programming strands that extend its original spirit and reach still further – beyond both the constraints of the standard festival setup and what’s previously been possible via the parameters for this particular three-day event.

These include a new Art and Music Residency, a City Partners Programme, Artists Shed Commissions and a new series of collaborative music and art commissions specific to the festival, not to mention a new, ambitious and extraordinary Vortex space containing an integrative plethora of performance, sound, music, talks, presentations, moving image and film.

Arts projects, installations, exhibits and interventions will as ever be manifesting all across the Braziers Park site. The first confirmed of these is the Serena Korda’s Jug Choir, in which an army of ceramic warriors conspire to form an unfolding sonic experiment with all who approach them.

Moreover, a full programme of activities and participatory worships for all ages will include the Eastville Project Space as in-sound residents in the Granary, whilst the Supernormal Super Sensory Summer School also makes a typically awe-inspiring return in what can only be described as a ‘Wood Henge’ structure, with everything from ‘post-human’ discourses to Kibbo Kift inspired ceremonial design and craft on offer to get involved in.

Approaching its seventh incarnation, Supernormal is true to the spirit of its inception as an alternative to the perceived alternative – taking a long-standing countercultural lineage and using it to metamorphose the festival paradigm into something brand new and freshly inspiring.


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