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The Maserati Ghibli

The Maserati Ghibli V6S

This top of the range twin turbo charged Maserati Ghibli V6S is admittedly our in-house favourite
The Maserati Ghibli

For this is an Italian of supercar and racing heritage, built by a race of people who are characterised by emotion, and famous for style and design

You can get a Maserati Ghibli V6S that looks exactly the same with a less powerful 3.0 litre V6 or even a diesel


They are fine cars, each with their own take on the new Ghibli experience, but if you want the true essence of Maserati, wrapped in a neat saloon car package – this is the one.

To all but the subtly informed, this most powerful twin turbocharged version of the Ghibli looks identical to its V6 diesel and single turbo charged V6 3.0 litre petrol counterparts. Thankfully Maserati have avoided the one-upmanship badging associated with engines and specs. The Ghiblis are simply Maseratis with different engines. We like that.

The Maserati Ghibli


This most powerful version gives you the ultimate Ghibli Maserati experience. The noise is the most seductive, and the driving experience the USP of what makes Maserati ‘Maserati’. There’s pride in carrying this distinctive Maserati key fob around, mostly because when you are asked ‘what’s it like to drive the Maserati?’ – you can proudly say, “well let’s go for a drive and see!”

We did this three or four times with passengers who had never experienced a Maserati before. It is powerful of course (400 bhp and of torque) so being impressive in a straight line and a firm decisive push in the back from mid-range speeds (with sound effects of course) is a given. But that’s just a taster; for this is an Italian of supercar and racing heritage, built by a race of people who are characterised by emotion, and famous for style and design. A machine cannot create this ultimate Maserati driving experience; this has to be done by skilled enthusiasts who can really drive; and believe me – it shows when you push this car hard on challenging roads.

If you’re not too sure where we are coming from, see if you can watch the beginning of the original version of the Italian Job with Michael Caine. That early scene (forget that it’s a Lamborghini) is the driving poetry Italians create, and this one’s the Maserati experience, same cultural DNA, but done the Maserati Way.

It means that you can exploit with confidence the virtues of a powerful engine with rear wheel drive, honed into a chassis tuned by very skilful drivers and engineers who know how to translate this into on-road performance. In practise it means you can punt this car hard through left, rights, and relish in the urgency of its straight-line performance with confidence and joy; only cars built with emotion as a priority respond in such harmony to keen driver input. You’ll be smiling after your first keen drive, and mostly because it confirms just how right your decision to invest in the car has been.

You (and the family) will smile even more knowing that the Maser doubles up as family and everyday transport too. No longer the need to yearn for a relatively affordable Italian exotic. It’s already here.

Tech Spec

Price: £63,415 | Engine: 3.0-litre V6 twin turbo | Power: 404bhp | Torque: 550Nm | Transmission: Eight-speed automatic, rear-wheel drive | 0-62mph: 5.0 seconds | Top speed: 177mph | Economy: 27.1mpg | CO2: 242g/km


- Kevin Haggarthy


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