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The 5-Door Mini Hatch

An all-new 5-door Mini hatch is now on the market, prices range from £14,350-£20,050
With this new 5-door Hatch, Mini introduces both practicality and space for five into the small car segment for the first time in its history

An all-new 5-door Mini hatch is now on the market, just six months after the launch of the new 3- door. With its wheel base measuring 72 millimetres longer than the 3-door, the extra length is totally devoted to creating more cabin space. As a result the Mini can now boast a central rear seat, making it, for the first time, a true five seater. The space advantage also allows for significantly more boot-space, in fact 67 litres more, and the car now features a 60:40 split folding rear seat.


The new Mini 5-door hatch comes to our showrooms in six model variants with a choice of either diesel or petrol engines. The model types will be familiar to Mini enthusiasts; Mini One and Mini One D, Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper D, and the top of the range Mini Cooper S and Mini Cooper SD. Prices start from £14,350 for the Mini One to £20,050 for the Mini Cooper SD. That said, the price premium of the new car is just £600 over the 3-door hatch. Six speed manual transmission is fitted as standard across the range, whilst a (six speed). Steptronic (auto) transmission is available as an option. On the emissions front, it starts with the Mini One D at just 92g/km, whilst not surprisingly the Cooper S is a bit of a heftier but nonetheless competitive 136 g/km when taking account of performance.


It’s all rather niche classic Mini on the inside.’ Innovation that works’ has always been Mini’s interior hallmark. Once the key is inside the car, the start/stop switch in the middle lights up in red. Above it lies three circular control switches for heating and air conditioning, whilst switches for headlamps and fog lights are located on the instrument cluster next to the steering wheel. As always, the centrepiece of the interior houses a wide range of features including air conditioning, infotainment, communication, navigation maps and route directions, as well as the special graphics for ‘Mini Connected’ services. In familiar Mini fashion, these are operated via a controller in the centre console.

Mini have pioneered interior lighting innovation too, and this new car features the very latest effects. LED units around the outer edge of the familiar large circular instrument respond by changing colour at different operating temperatures according to driver preference.

Finally, taking a look at the power trains, all petrol engines include turbo charging and direct injection . Cooper versions are fitted with VALVETRONIC fully variable valve control for extra responsiveness. All the diesels get TwinPower Turbo Technology as standard, consisting obviously of a turbocharger with variable turbine geometry and the latest generation of common rail direct injection. With both variants Mini are aiming for a fun drive with economy, which along with its niche features make Mini a popular ‘best seller’. And here’s a clever innovation – the optional Six-Speed Steptronic transmission system takes account of the route profiling information of the navigation system in controlling gear shifts to maximise economy. Amazing.

With this new 5-door Hatch, Mini introduces both practicality and space for five into the small car segment for the first time in its history. It may come as a surprise to some, but the best seller of the Mini to date has been the highly practical Countryman rather than the stylish three door hatches we have come to know and love. We think the new 5-door Hatch will soon follow in the Countryman’s path...

- Kevin Haggarthy