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New Lexus RC F

If you’ve ever experienced the Lexus ISF saloon, get excited about the new Lexus RC F
The RC F is pure in concept making it a keen driver’s favourite – a big engine up front, and rear wheel drive

With 471 bhp, a 0-60 mph time of 4.5 seconds, and a top speed of 168 mph, balanced with a not unreasonable average of 25 mpg, the Lexus RC F is a natural contender to the big boys from BMW – the new M4 – and Audi’s V8 powered four wheel drive RS5.


Whilst these cars have similar performance, they are quite different in character to the RC F, the Lexus being the only natural breather with a non –turbo charged normally aspirated engine. That puts the Lexus right up there with the driving enthusiast who prefers the refined smoothness of a normally aspirated engine, rather than the forced induction we get with the turbo charged other two.

Lexus DNA

What’s more, when people buy Lexus they are also demonstrating their confidence in the brand’s DNA.  They like the earned reputation of reliability, customer service, unburst-ability, luxury and refinement – all of these accolades won by reputation. With the RC F (which stands for Radical Coupe) Lexus are now adding monster power to the equation and nudging the converted into a high powered Lexus experience they have never seen before. We won’t mention the Lexus LFA Supercar – for that’s a custom made V10, a limited edition supercar with supply restricted to only 500 units globally, a car many have never even seen, and most only read about; the RC F is more mainstream and accessible, and the most powerful mainstream production V8 Lexus have ever produced.

I know you’re curious about the F suffix; it refers to the Fuji Speedway – a test track used by Lexus for developing their high performance cars. This is where this car was honed into the Lexus way of achieving prodigious on-road performance.

The RC F is pure in concept making it a keen driver’s favourite – a big engine up front, and rear wheel drive; the front wheels and tyres focused on the important business of steering rather than powering the drive train as well. Yet with a hefty 530NM of torque delivered via an eight speed Sport Direct Shift transmission, it may well need some help getting around corners. The help comes courtesy of an optional torque vectoring system that powers the inner wheel when the car is on the ultimate edge of cornering traction, thus keeping it safely rooted to the road. Torque Vectoring comes standard with the top of the range Carbon version – and is recommended if you have the skill to push the car that hard.

Inside the cabin, as we have come to expect from Lexus, the RC F has a comprehensive array of standard equipment. Much of it controlled by a highly intuitive centre console mounted remote touchpad. Look all around and you will be seduced by the fit and finish, and not least by the futuristic centre console and dash. Go up just one level on the spec front and you can add Mark Levinson’s sound to the seduction process.

The top of the range Carbon version is the all singing and dancing model, but lighter (by 10 kg) and probably the best performing – despite  the same official 0-62 mph and top speed as the standard car – due to carbon fibre bonnet, roof, and rear wing.

One definitive Lexus RC F

Rather than be the victim of cold competitor comparison, this is a car that must be appreciated for its individual virtues by the discerning buyer. It will sell in limited numbers by bespoke choice. Unlike its competitors, that are special derivatives of mainstream models, there is only one definitive Lexus RC F; immediately noticeable by its striking grille and purposeful stance.

 With limited early supply, it will sell on a first come first served basis to only 200 individuals in the UK, thus increasing model desirability (and value) as a used buy. And for many it appeals because it is not a BMW, Audi or similar, thus the virtue of its rarity.

Owners prepare yourself for this. Let’s say your name is Ben; “That’s a striking looking car you’ve got outside there Ben…what is it?”  You say “It’s the new Lexus RC F” “Wow!” comes the excited reply…“different!” Exactly.


From £59,995 – £67,995


- Kevin Haggarthy

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