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The New Skoda Octavia Review

The Skoda Octavia is the model that has driven Skoda’s remarkable development and success over the years
There are currently five trim levels available on the new Octavia – S, SE, Elegance, vRS, and Green Line III...all in all every model offers more equipment that its predecessor

Prices from £20,550-24,565

The Octavia  brand has featured for over two decades in the Skoda line-up, with more than 205,000 of them sold to UK buyers. Globally, it is the biggest selling Skoda in the brand’s 117 year history, with more than over 3.7 million sold.


The pressure’s on then, and needless to say this latest version is the most advanced, with a comprehensive set of improvements in passenger comfort, luggage space, safety assistance, engine and fuel efficiency.

Real improvements

Responding to a challenge is less daunting if the basic DNA of the car is good, and that the Octavia has always been, but it didn’t mean Skoda were content to rest on their laurels. The new third generation Octavia represents a comprehensive and detailed product improvement programme all round.

The exterior has been completely redesigned to fit Skoda’s new and bolder design language, ditto the interior, making it more comfortable and spacious, with touch screen control of the info-tainment. Back seat passengers in particular will notice the difference in comfort and space in a cabin that was already generous in that regard. It is longer, wider, and taller than the previous model, and certainly more eye catching, without losing its subtlety. There’s no weight penalty either, as the new car is up to 102kg lighter than the old.  

Octavia buyers can choose from a wide range of more advanced and fuel efficient engines. Of the engine option line up are three turbocharged petrol units and four diesels, with power outputs ranging from 105 PS to 220PS. The best performing diesel will return a highly impressive 88.3 mpg, whilst emiting only 85g/km of CO2 .

New features

There are a number of ‘firsts’ in the essential area of safety too, featuring as standard across the range. These include a new Automatic Post-Collision Brake system designed to reduce the impact of secondary impacts in the event of an accident. There’s also a new safety braking device referred to as a Front Assistant system that reacts in anticipation of an imminent head to tail crash by applying full braking impact to reduce impact forces, and a more familiar feature is ‘Lane Assistance’ to help get you back on course should you be lane wondering. If that’s not enough, a Driver Fatigue sensor will suggest you take a break if you give it reason for concern.

There are currently five trim levels available on the new Octavia – S, SE, Elegance, vRS, and Green Line III – your local dealer can run through the spec details with you, but all in all every model offers more equipment that its predecessor. 

What appeals about this car, all Skodas in fact, is that they tend to be honest well built cars representing a good combination of quality and value. Owners are rarely disappointed, if at all, and if it’s your own money you are spending, you are getting premium quality for non-premium prices.


- Kevin Haggarthy


Images – Skoda Octavia vRS 230


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