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Oxford Hearing: Is Your Hearing What it Should be?

It's easy to dismiss hearing problems as part of old age, but here's how you can take action

A totally independent practice with the capability to choose from over 80 manufacturing companies worldwide and a wide range of hearing instrument systems

Have you found people mumble a lot recently? Maybe your family keep turning the sound down on the television when you are watching it? Are you struggling to understand people at parties? All of these are a sign that your hearing isn’t what it should be. But where do you go to get a test?

The Oxford Hearing Centre is a totally independent hearing aid dispensing practice that specialises in custom-made private hearing aids not available through the NHS. The service will take you through the whole process from testing to fitting. You are guaranteed completely impartial and professional advice for the complete solution to your hearing difficulty. Oxford Hearing Centre are able to select systems and instruments from over eighty manufacturing companies worldwide to ensure that you can confidently receive the most up to date help available.

On many occasions, it is not your hearing that is at fault, but a build-up of wax preventing the noise from reaching your eardrum in the first place. It is also the main limiting factor to the continued satisfactory performance and operation of a hearing aid and up to 80% of all hearing aid repairs are as a result of wax ingression to the device. The Oxford Hearing Centre has a dedicated and fully equipped treatment room for the provision of ear-canal examination using a video-otoscopic camera and microscope. Excessive cerumen (earwax) can be removed safely and effectively using the latest procedures. This in-house clinic makes for a more comprehensive and caring service for patients.

Oxford Hearing Centre is a totally independent practice with the capability to choose from over 80 manufacturing companies worldwide. All new technologically innovative hearing instruments are assessed and evaluated very carefully before they are included to ensure they are reliable and of good quality before they are offered at the Oxford Hearing Centre. There are many different reasons for acquiring hearing impairment, and the correct solution to an individual’s needs is equally varied. That is why it is of the utmost importance to have your hearing correctly diagnosed, assessed and evaluated thoroughly before simply purchasing a hearing aid. On examination of all this information by the hearing aid audiologist, the best recommendation of what is most suitable will be made.

Tim Johnson (pictured) is the Managing Director of Oxford Hearing Centre Limited. He has worked for more than thirty eight years in audiology both within the NHS and the private sector, and gained a wide experience within this interesting field of clinical science and technology. His last thirteen years have been with Oxford Hearing Centre as the senior audiologist where he believes it is important to treat everyone as an individual with respect and care.

Losing your hearing doesn’t need to be a life-changing experience. To see what is on offer or to book an appointment, visit the website.