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The Way You Wear Your Hat

If you wrap up in a cosy coat, gloves and a scarf and leave off your hat...your head will feel cold!

Be wise and slip on that bonnet

The idea that you lose 40 or so per cent of your body heat through your head is, it seems, a myth. But what is still true is that on a chilly day, if you wrap up in a nice cosy coat, gloves and a scarf and leave off your hat…your head will feel cold!

So, be wise and slip on that bonnet, or that Chanel blue cashmere hat with a CC signature for £425. It’s attractive. You must decide if it’s that attractive. Still, the Chanel wool and tweed Fedora style hat embellished with a grosgrain ribbon is a magnificent £1095.


Fedoras are in and Paul Smith does a black wool wide-brimmed one with a purple grosgrain ribbon band which is only £115 and is handmade in England. He does another one for the same price in mauve which would look good against a grey sky or with a black coat.

You could go bespoke and visit a milliner. Karen Geraghty makes her own hats which she sells through her company Mind Your Bonce. Her current range includes cloches, cocktail hats and pillboxes and she uses traditional methods and can often be found sewing vintage tweeds. She also makes a range of felt poppies to wear for Remembrance Day in November – a proportion of the price goes to the Royal British Legion. She sells at fairs in the south east, at the Windsor Emporium and through Etsy, with prices from £60 for hats.

Rosie Olivia also does bespoke hats or can sell you a ready-made creation. Her autumn/winter collection has 26 new styles, from wide brims to neat berets, fedoras trimmed with Swarovski crystals and lace, cute little hats trimmed with waffle veiling and hat pins, hats for going shopping and hats for going to weddings. Prices are from £220.

You could, of course, choose the bizarre offspring of fashion and technology, the Selfie hat. This pink sparkly sombrero (only colour available at the moment) has been created by Acer and the designer Christian Cowan-Sanluis (Lady Ga-Ga wears his creations), and has a tablet attached to its brim for snapping that lovely pout. It was revealed at London Fashion Week in September and you can’t pop down to the high street for one yet as they are strictly limited, but you can set up a consultation with Mr Cowan-Sanluis if you are keen for the hat that “spins 360 degrees,” and “enables struggling selfie-takers to find their best angle.” My bobble hat also spins 360 degrees but sadly my selfies weren’t talked about at London Fashion Week.

- Stella Wiseman

Images - Mind Your Bonce's Hats