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The new Suzuki Swift SZ-L Dualjet

Kevin Haggarthy with the first in a long term series of reports on the new Suzuki Swift SZ-L Dualjet

"Great turning circle, easy to park, whilst the stop-start is a boon for regular peak time London traffic crawls."

Price: £12,699

I’ve got a new Suzuki Swift! You may think that we at OX have a thing about Suzuki. What with our Chrissie raving on about her new Vitara and already eager to upgrade, you could be excused for thinking we’ve either got the Suzuki bug or some kind of deal going. The honest truth is we don’t.

Chrissie and I live in totally different parts of the country, I didn’t even know she’d bought the car until I got an excited telephone call about her new purchase. My own choice was based on the Swift’s small car virtues, and it’s doubling up as a dual controlled learner driving car for me. It’s all a genuine coincidence, so you’re likely to get a series of running reports on both cars.

Fast and furious?

Whilst most people think I spend my life behind the wheel of the fast and furious, as it happens I am more frequently testing the cars most of us drive every day. Whilst you’d expect a car with a sale price of £100,000 plus to be very good, it is much harder for a manufacturer to produce a really good car that most people can afford. Such cars have really impressed us; the Ford Fiesta 1.0 litre eco tec is one such example, and so too is this Suzuki Swift. It has stylish looks, space, refinement, comfort and is so economical I keep forgetting to buy fuel. Then there’s the joy of brimming the tank from empty for a mere 39 quid and it’ll probably be a few years before I need to fill up again …or it certainly feels that way.

What’s more I have Sat Nav, Integrated telephone and infotainment, electric everything, and the piece of mind of a five year warranty. As someone whose office is his car, what I find I don’t have is oodles of boot-space but the rear seats pop down easily enough to make up for that.

‘Swift’ fun

The Swift drives like its own namesake but in the nippy rather than the powerful sense of the word – great turning circle, easy to park, whilst the stop-start is a boon for regular peak time London traffic crawls. The Swift is easily suited to all-purpose driving, and can double up as an all-round family car, but you can detect a slight disturbance from severe cross winds which I guess goes with its size.

For some reason the car seems to be teasing second glances. It can’t be my handsome looks so reluctantly I must accept that it is the quirky looks and design of the Swift.

For reasons of pure self-indulgence I’ll ‘run the car in’ a little longer before giving it driving school duties; I think a run in period of a year or two just might do it. It’s a seductive little car but I am a single man so why not? We’ve only had two hundred miles together so far, so watch out for our next report to find out if this early dating saga leads to an affair. Romeo and Juliet will have nothing on this I’m sure.


- Kevin Haggarthy


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