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Vintage Chic

Vintage Chic

Hot pants, platform shoes and high waists; vintage is back this spring with trends celebrating the colourful 70s!
Vintage Chic

Gorgeous dresses of chiffon, lace, cotton and velvet as well as sparkling diamonte brooches, freshwater pearl and ribbon necklaces, crystal bracelets and silk wraps

Ever looked through your mother’s wardrobe for that retro gem? If you have, you must know that fashion pieces which were once dubbed outdated now glitter with a modern shine. If you haven’t undertaken this fruitful quest, now is the time because vintage is back this spring with trends celebrating the colourful 70s.

Printed shirts and blouses tucked into flares, floor length lurex dresses, high necks, bell sleeves, and A line coats and skirts are only a handful of the ‘70s style chic which glutted the SS15 catwalks over the last couple of months.

The glamourous flair of Studio 54 is lashing on new collections from the likes of Prada, Gucci, and Tom Ford to experimental brands like H&M Andotherstories, and Zara which quickly follow suit. Miu Miu and Giambatista Valli were among the first to put the 70s-inspired styles and fabrics on the SS15 fashion radar with crochet-knit cropped tops and floral-print bell bottoms heavily featuring in their 2015 resort collections.

According to Laver’s Law, the notion of what is fashionable changes with time because fashion is the immediate manifestation of time spirit, and as such is bound to return with a new face. If you think the future will bring you more techy inventive designs and sporty cosmic silver, be quick to get in the loop. Trends this year cast a nostalgic look on the disco era with hot pants, platform shoes and high waists being only few of the many iconic fashion staples to have been revived through the recycling of 1970s style trends.

But there is more to vintage than just the look. “An investment in a valuable vintage accessory is money well spent!“ says Eleanor Squibb, chief fashionista at Cocosa.co.uk. “Highly coveted pieces by world renowned designers tend to increase their value with time, allowing us to resell them for a better price or pass them on to our children, because they will want a vintage accessory piece as well!”

According to the Piccolecta Rare Handbag Index, ‘investment grade’ handbags have seen their price rise by 7.9% a year on average for the last ten years. Among the best performing handbags are the Chanel 2.55 Medium Classic Flap Bag (up 11.6% to £3,000), the Emilio Pucci 1970s black leather and velvet handbag (up 10.7% to £370), Hermes 1990s Cognac Leather 40cm Birkin (up 9.6% to £6,700) and Fendi’s 1990s Khaki Lizard and Beaver Fur (up 9.6% to £670).

But how do you achieve this vintage look if your family treasure chest proves a bit scant on those timeless retro gems?

Online luxury retailer Cocosa is one way of going on a painless luxury vintage shopping spree. Cocosa.co.uk hosts exclusive daily flash sales of selected luxury brands at very desirable prices and include vintage sales featuring highly coveted pieces like the Chanel Jumbo bag (sold for £3095), the Louis Vuitton Noe bag (sold for £425), Hermes H Buckle belt (sold for £425). These run frequently on Cocosa’s website along with a handpicked selection of the latest apparel, footwear and accessories from the world’s premium fashion brands. Sales roll out quickly, so it’s worth visiting cocosa.co.uk regularly to ensure that you don’t miss out on an amazing bargain.

Looking to update your wardrobe and acquire some stunning vintage threads? Here are the best retailers to check out around Oxford:

Fresh Clothing | Situated in the Covered Market, Fresh Clothing sells the best in reworked vintage and 1950s fashion. Find gorgeous dresses of chiffon, lace, cotton and velvet as well as sparkling diamonte brooches, freshwater pearl and ribbon necklaces, crystal bracelets and silk wraps.

Reign | Located on the corner of James Street on Cowley Road, Reign not only stocks typical glitzy and floral vintage dresses,

but also casual jumpers and retro tees. Very well priced, the shop is the perfect destination for those looking for a vintage bargain.


Ballroom Emporium | Since 1984, the Ballroom Emporium has specialised in all things vintage, ball gowns and formal wear. They also boast an extraordinary costume department and a wide selection of vintage furniture. The Emporium restock their rails every day, so be sure to visit the shop on Magdalen roundabout.


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