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Winchester House Open Day 10 October 2015

Welcome to the Tinker Shed

At Winchester House we have converted an old work shed in to our very own ‘Tinker Shed’
Winchester House Tinker Shed

Dismantle, reassemble and tinker

Imagine a space where children can go to explore their own imagination and creativity, a place where they can work on projects that inspire and excite them, a place free from the constraints of the traditional classroom.

At Winchester House we have converted an old work shed in to our very own ‘Tinker Shed’. This space is different from a traditional classroom so children can be free from the traditional model of following the teachers’ instructions. It’s a place that will inspire creativity and ignite the children’s imagination.


In the Tinker Shed you will find Raspberry Pi computers, robotic kits as well as bits of old radios, toys and other electronics


Children will be allowed to invent and experiment during their free time as well as special ‘Tinker Time’ during activities and during lessons.

At Winchester House we have created a space where children can develop their interest in the STEM subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, allowing them the opportunity to experiment, to innovate, to dismantle, reassemble and tinker.

Come and find out more at our open morning on Saturday 10 October or visit winchester-house.org.


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