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Buying a new home has a world of advantages

Why buy a brand new home?

Established neighbourhoods, mature trees and plants, “character” homes…there are a few romanticized ideas about buying older houses, but the reality is that they’re usually a lot of hassle compared with their newer equivalents
"A new build house will be far more energy efficient"

Buying a new home has a world of advantages, and it doesn’t mean compromising on character. Here are a few points to think about


First of all, new homes are far less likely to need refurbishing, redecorating or have expensive maintenance work done, which saves you not only money but also time and hassle during the stressful transition between houses.

Energy usage

New homes have to be built to the latest regulations, which means that compared to an older equivalent, a new build house will be far more energy efficient. In comparison to houses built in the 1980s, brand new homes use up to 50% less energy, saving you a lot of money in the long-term and reducing your CO2 emissions. On top of this, sound insulation is likely to be much better.

Environmental factors

On top of your reduction in emissions from better insulation, new homes keep water use to a minimum using efficient showers and dual flush toilet cisterns. New homes are also increasingly built on brownfield sites, recycling previously developed land.

Buying process

Buying a new home protects your purchase from falling through due to complicated chains. Some builders will even offer a part-exchange on your old house, which saves you the hassle of using an estate agent and the worry of waiting for your home to sell.


New-build homes must be built to modern safety standards, using fire-resistant materials and linked smoke alarms. It may seem like a minor difference but it’ll give you that extra peace of mind when moving into your new home.

“Brand new” feel

One of the nicest things about a new home is that every aspect of the property will be unused. The vast majority of new build houses are complete with a fitted kitchen with oven, hob and extractor hood as standard, as well as built-in or fitted wardrobes. All the fixtures and fittings will be pristine, and you won’t have to worry about replacing aspects of the house or dealing with the previous owner’s taste in decoration.


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