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Woodwise Kitchens modern installation
Woodwise Kitchens olive and mahogany
Woodwise Kitchens Island
Woodwise Kitchens Traditional
Woodwise Kitchens Olive and Pine
Woodwise Kitchens White and Blue
Woodwise Kitchens Modern white and blue
Woodwise Kitchens black and white ceiling lights
Woodwise Kitchens mahogany island

Woodwise Kitchens

was established 25 years ago and has gone from strength to strength as its reputation as one of the UK's finest bespoke kitchen companies has grown. My love of working with wood to create fine pieces of furniture led me to set up Woodwise, which now has a small hand-picked team who share my passion for excellence and are proud to bring their skills to the company. 

We understand

that kitchens are just as individual as the clients we serve. We want you to have the best possible experience whenever you choose us to design, manufacture and install bespoke kitchens on your behalf. That’s why we always work to your preferred specifications and create stunning kitchen units from our own dedicated Abingdon workshops.

We’ve been

in the kitchen supply and installation sector for many years and we’re now a highly regarded business that specialises in the design of classic, traditional and contemporary products. From our friendly consultations all the way through to the final fitting work, we genuinely care about our kitchens and insist that we always satisfy all needs that our customers have.

We’re here to help

with everything from a simple kitchen makeover to a full-scale commercial remodelling project. If you already have a few ideas of your own and prefer to work with trusted specialists who transform dreams into reality, contact Woodwise Kitchens today for a competitively priced quote and the best in customer service.

Tel: 01235 555502


Unit 1-2 Radley Road Industrial Estate, Abingdon OX14 3RY