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About us

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The thinking person’s lifestyle magazine…

We are proud to be an award-winning independent luxury magazine, unashamedly intelligent and interested in everything. From the Arts to artisans; music, makers, fashion, beauty, film, books and food, we have Oxfordshire covered.

We like to position ourselves as the cultural barometer for all things Oxfordshire and beyond, showcasing the best of the county. Inclusivity and diversity are written into everything we write, and it is our original writing and independent ethos which allow us to maintain our mantra of quality first and foremost.   


Our People

Editor: Sophie Elkan

What's On: Sam Bennett

Creative Director: Dan Spindler

Social Media & Digital Coordinator: Mya Richardson

Regular contributors include: Philip Baldwin, Esther Lafferty, Maria O’Meara, Manda Tudge, Joy Le Fevre, Michelle Heather

Managing Director: Jill Rayner

Commercial Director: Nickie Hobbs

Our Awards

Chartered Institute of Marketing Excellence Awards, 2018

British Media Awards 2018, 2019

The Jasmine Awards, Fragrance Foundation UK, 2020