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About us

The foundation of OX Magazine is based on its positioning as a cultural barometer for all things Oxfordshire and in this digital age, beyond.  OX Magazine showcases the best of the county and enhances its pages with culture, theatre, literature and music. It showcases where we eat, drink and socialise. It features those people that inspire us and influence the city, the county, the arts, the artisans and the incomparable history of our ancient city. It is a flagship for the people that make us so proud of our county in their myriad ways.

OX Magazine is intelligent, thought-provoking, entertaining and immerses itself in social and cultural support.  OX Magazine knows that those people that we are proud to have as readers expect the best – and we strive to give it to them.  Our independence is our strength and allows us to maintain our mantra of quality above all.
Thank you for being part of this.