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Digital Rate Card has been completely rebuilt, redesigned and relaunched, combining a beautiful, sleek new design with a super-intuitive interface, with the aim of expanding our voice, our reach and our engagement. In addition, we are undertaking a major strategic investment to maximise traffic and social engagement with our readers. As an advertiser with OX, you can benefit from higher audience figures and more attractive ad units.

Get on board Oxfordshire’s digital revolution!

Price List

  • Leaderboard Ad Unit (£8.00 CPM)
  • MPU Ad Unit (£8.00 CPM)
  • Half Page Ad Unit (£16.00 CPM)


  • Leaderboard (728px X 90px)
  • MPU (300px X 250px)
  • Half Page (300px X 600px)

The site will benefit from increased traffic and higher audience engagement.

Sponsored Content

With our increased reach and engaged audience, we can now offer bespoke sponsored content solutions. This content is created by our in-house editorial or video team, utilising our in-depth knowledge of digital marketing to promote your brand, service or product and achieve your desired results. We offer affordable, measurable and achievable results for our clients. Your content can then be shared and amplified across our social media channels and your own.

Sponsored content is the best way to tell the story of your brand or product

Sponsored content price list

  • £200 Editorial creation
  • + £30 CPM (cost per thousand views)
  • Minimum investment £500
  • Video creation charged separately

Social Media Marketing

Aligned with our new website, we are growing our social reach at an astonishing rate, reaching a larger audience across Oxfordshire and beyond with engaging content across multiple platforms. We partner with our clients to build bespoke marketing campaigns, designed to achieve the desired results. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Our social media following is growing at a rate of 200%, reaching 60,000 views per month

Social Media Marketing Price List

  • £200 per post
  • £20 per 000 boosted reach
  • Minimum investment £400

Download PDF rate card

OX Loves Logo

Our new OX Loves pages will host a wealth of brands, products and businesses that we endorse. Become a trusted partner and ensure you are seen by the right audience at the right time.

Each OX Loves page will include a description of your brand and products, a number of images or videos, contact details and a link to the specific page that you would like customers to click through to.

We can help you measure the effectiveness of your
 OX Loves page, increase the likelihood of converting and maximise the return on your investment.

Amplification from web and social channels can be included to increase the effectiveness of your OX Loves page. Additionally, linking your site to ours helps the SEO of your website, increasing your relevance on search engines and helping you appear higher up the search page.

Let OX Loves amplify your message to a discerning, culturally aware and fashionable readership.

Download PDF rate card

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