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Custom Build New Homes   Street Scene mnd6uc
Wed 8 Jul 2020

Financial Support For Millions Of People

A message from Graven Hill's Managing Director

Graven Hill is the UK’s largest self-build and custom build community.    The first-of-its-kind site is based in Bicester

Bee orchid lcwrua
Tue 7 Jul 2020

There are many beautiful wildflowers growing in the British Isles, but British native orchids are perhaps amongst the rarest. With around 52 different species of wild orchid growing in Britain,

Thu 2 Jul 2020


Attractively lush, adrenaline rush

The eastern bank of the Nile between Jinja and Bujagali has developed into a world-class adventure-tourism centre

hidcote 1
Thu 2 Jul 2020

Hidcote Manor Garden

And the Man Who Created It

There is one American garden designer who started creating a truly inspirational garden in 1907, that is still of relevance to many modern-day gardeners and designers, with the garden he created over 100 years ago visited by 170,000 people per year on average.

Screenshot 2020 06 29 at 15.48.00 pztnin
Mon 29 Jun 2020

Professional theatre company – Mandala - founded by Yasmin Sidhwa, is delighted to have the support of three new Patrons, endorsing the company’s dynamic theatre and arts training. Philip


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