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What God Says I Am Group Photo
Thu 4 Jul 2019

What God Says I Am

Passion, Fashion and the Plight of LGBTQ Refugees

Lubega Adrac Musa, director of Lunko Haute Couture, speaks to me from a town south of Nairobi, but that’s not where he started life. He’s Ugandan, but was forced to leave the country when his sexuality was discovered. His voice is calm, delicate even, but his words carry unimaginable weight. “It was in 2015 when I had an instance with my family when they attacked me and my boyfriend. So I had to run away for my life and found myself in Kenya. I wouldn’t like to talk about it much. It gives me some bad memories...”

Breathe360 Take a deep breath
Mon 24 Jun 2019


Blenheim Startup Competition 2019 Finalist

Oxfordshire business Breathe360, with a vision to create a dedicated Total Wellness Centre in Oxfordshire, has reached the final of the Blenheim Startup Competition 2019...

Find the Perfect Headpiece Darling Immy Howard Millinery
Mon 3 Jun 2019

As we all know, the spectrum of traditional bridal tones has a lot more to offer than just white and ivory alone. Picking up accent colours of your outfit, makeup or jewellery and bringing them into your headpiece is a fantastic way to tie the various elements of your wedding ensemble together with elegance and sophistication...

This Month Im Channeling June Karl Lagerfeld Black and White Magazine
Thu 30 May 2019

Karl Lagerfeld not only took over seminal fashion house, Chanel, but grew his eponymous label to classic status, all the while maintaining his quintessential personal style. To be truly iconic, one’s look needs to be definable in a handful of words and this also made Lagerfeld ripe for caricature...

Oscar Wilde Posing on Chair Holding Book
Thu 30 May 2019

Oscar Wilde

Oxford's Iconic Modern Gentleman

Oscar Wilde was certainly not a conventional gentleman by Victorian standards. He was far too intrigued by ideas of decadence, deceit and moral perversion to fit into the starched, stoic standards of the time – an association that would bring his eventual downfall. Much has changed since Queen Victoria was on the throne and masculinity is, thankfully, one of them. Casting a modern eye back over his life, he emerges as Oxford’s quintessential modern gentleman...

Kiwi Flysmart 300 x 600
Big Lunch Community Walk Team England
Thu 30 May 2019

The Big Lunch Community Walk arrived in Banbury last week where they met with Visit Banbury, a new social enterprise which aims to make Banbury an even more appealing place to live, work and visit...

World No Tobacco Day Pair of Lungs made of Tobacco
Tue 28 May 2019

World No Tobacco Day

31 May 2019

"If you could see the damage, you’d stop."

Heals Mistral Sofa Red
Tue 14 May 2019

Heal's part 2

Historic British Homeware

In the second edition of our look at the Historic Furniture and Homeware retailer, who for over 200 years have been firmly placed at the forefront of British furniture retail and even more astonishingly have called the same piece of prime real estate home for most of that time. OX Magazine takes a look at Heal’s current lighting and accessory designs...

Tythe Barn Wedding Couple Walking in Field
Thu 9 May 2019

Tythe Barn

Wedding Venue Hosts First Ever Fictional Wedding

Award-winning venue The Tythe Barn in Launton is inviting you to step inside its gorgeous 14th Century barn to experience its very first pretend wedding day...