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5 Bold Bathroom Ideas

“Art isn’t just for living rooms or galleries, so include some elements in your bathroom, too.”
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Our bathroom is often a sanctuary and a personal space where style meets function. In modern home design especially, the bathroom has evolved beyond a purely functional room to a space that reflects its privacy and individuality by innovative design. If you’re also looking for some neat things to infuse your room with a bit of more character and flair, here are the main things you should put your focus on.

1. Masterful Bathroom Lighting

Lighting always plays a pivotal role in transforming any room’s ambience. Natural light is always your best friend, but not always readily available. British architects love to build small and compact, leaving a lot of us with rather difficult-to-illuminate rooms, many even without a window to work with at all. Here’s where practical illuminated mirrors come into play, dramatic pendant light or sneaky LEDs. Consider layering light sources to achieve both aesthetic and functional enhancements. For example, recessed lighting can provide overall brightness, while wall scones add a soft glow that enhances the mood (and are really lovely to take a bath to). Aim to light every corner of your space.

2. Vibrant Colour Schemes

Bold colour schemes can truly define a space if done right. In the bathroom, it can add depth and energy, turning it into a more dynamic part of your home. If you want to go all-out, consider deep blues or vivacious greens – they are perfect to balance out with the neutral tones of your fixtures and fittings. But there are lots of lovely combinations to try. The key is in finding the right balance to ensure the colours enhance rather than overwhelm the space.

3. Textural Contrasts

We love textures. Introducing them into your bathroom can enrich the sensory experience of it. Mixing materials such as smooth ceramics, rough stone, or warm wood can create a fantastic, visually engaging environment. They add quite a bit of contrast and interest, but also enhance the tactile quality of your bathroom, making it a pleasure to use daily. We bet that’s something you haven’t really thought about! But feeling a space, be that through temperatures or surfaces, helps us connect and experience a place, making us feel more comfortable.

4. High-Tech Features

Smart technology integrates seamlessly into a modern bathroom. Features such as smart showers might remember your temperature preferences or mirrors can resist fogging and display important news or data. There are smart toilets, smart faucets – basically, the sky is the limit, even in this room! They can add a not-so-futuristic-anymore layer of sophistication and functionality.

5. Artistic Accents

Art isn’t just for living rooms or galleries, so include some elements in your bathroom, too. Get creative, as well! Maybe it’s a sculptural piece doubling up as a towel holder? A waterproof painting? Whatever it is, it’ll make your bathroom uniquely yours and turn it from a room of function to a room of living. Make sure it can withstand humidity, though, and complements the other bold aspects of your space.


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