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5 Tyre Tips to Make Them Last Longer


Tyres are not a purchase that most households could make every month without some serious budgeting going on, so when you do have to invest in a new set of tyres you want to make sure that they last as long as possible. Here are five tyre tips to make your tyres last a long time.

Correct Inflation

Modern tyres are designed to work best within the recommended range of inflation. This is so important to the correct functioning of your tyres that it has become law as of 2018 that your tyres should be properly inflated at all times as enshrined in the MOT test checklist.

Buy the Best

Always buy the best quality tyres that you can afford. This is because while budget tyres are perfectly adequate for driving safely on the UK's roads, they tend not to be as well made, nor as durable as premium or even regular quality tyres. If you can afford to pay half again as much for four premium tyres, you will find that they can last twice as long as equivalent budget tyres – representing an actual economic benefit to you as well as sparing you the inconvenience of needing to replace your tyres more often. Yorkshire has many professional tyre fitters and you can choose a garage based on their customer reviews and years of experience. Whether you're arranging a routine check-up or just want to get new tyres in Castleford – Reg Greenwood has many options to choose from and they have good ratings from the local customers.

Drive With Care

It can be tempting to drive a little faster when you are running late, or to take that rough-looking shortcut – but it is best to resist these temptations and choose being a little late over potentially damaging your tyres. Or, indeed, other parts of your vehicle. Driving comfortably within the speed limit, using good roads that are well-maintained, and driving mindfully at all times is a great way to keep not only your tyres but your entire car in excellent working order.

Change with the Seasons

As soon as you can afford it, invest in winter tyres for the colder months. It can seem like an extravagance but, in fact, the extra cost is alleviated by both sets of tyres lasting twice as long as they would otherwise do. Cold weather tyres respond well to freezing conditions, while regular tyres can freeze and sustain damage – and conversely, winter tyres are soft and can wear very easily if used in summer conditions! But used appropriately, these two sets of tyres last very well, keeping you safe on the UK's roads in all weathers – and they will last a long time too!

Good Maintenance

Finally, make sure you adhere to a good servicing schedule and frequently check your tyres for signs of excess wear and tear or other damage. Prompt action at the earliest stages can result in your tyres lasting longer, saving you time, money and stress!


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